21 New And Free Audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited

“Listen for Free” Audiobooks released in February 2019

If you are a regular Lovely Audiobooks reader, you already know how awesome Kindle Unlimited is for audiobooks.

It’s a great way for avid listeners to find new and free audiobooks and check out stories from unknown authors and many different genres.

I have actually found a bunch of my all-time favorites in the program, like the many awesome Urban Fantasy series and great Contemporary Romances.

New free audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited in February 2019

There are over 2000 free audiobooks included in the Kindle Unlimited subscription. And I love browsing around and finding the hidden gems.

Newly released audiobooks are added to it all the time, too. That’s why I have created the following list. It includes all the brand-new audiobooks that have been released in February 2019 and are “read and listen for free” with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. You can find many best-selling authors, awesome narrators, and extremely highly rated stories among them.

The genres of February’s additions are Romance, Thriller/Mystery, YA Fantasy, Fiction, Historical Fiction, and Non-Fiction.

If you aren’t signed up for KU, you can read more about it in my guide for audiobooks on a budget or sign up for your free test month on Amazon.

Kindle deals can slightly differ between international Amazon websites. This audiobook list is based on Amazon.com and you can only purchase Kindle deals on your local Amazon website.
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The Strange Journey of Alice Pendelbury
Marc Levy (Author), Chris Murray – translator (Author), Elizabeth Knowelden (Narrator)
Listen for Free**

The Governess: Wicked Wallflowers, Book 3
Christi Caldwell (Author), Tim Campbell (Narrator)
Listen for Free**

One Last Summer
Victoria Connelly (Author), Jan Cramer (Narrator)
Listen for Free**

Heart of Mine: Colorado Hearts Series, Book 3
Caroline Fyffe (Author), Scott Merriman (Narrator)
Listen for Free**

Tumble: Dogwood Lane, Book 1
Adriana Locke (Author), Aiden Snow (Narrator), Summer Morton (Narrator)
Listen for Free**

The (Half) Truth
Leddy Harper (Author), Kendall Taylor (Narrator), Brian Pallino (Narrator)
Listen for Free**

International Guy: Madrid, Rio, Los Angeles: International Guy Volume 4
Audrey Carlan (Author), Sebastian York (Narrator), Ava Erickson (Narrator)
Listen for Free**

Thriller and Mystery

The Killer Collective
Barry Eisler (Author, Narrator)
Listen for Free**

The Promise
Teresa Driscoll (Author), Esther Wane (Narrator), Billie Fulford-Brown (Narrator), Steve West (Narrator)
Listen for Free**

Murder Theory: The Naturalist, Book 3
Andrew Mayne (Author), Will Damron (Narrator)
Listen for Free**

Blood Echo: The Burning Girl, Book 2
Christopher Rice (Author), Lauren Ezzo (Narrator)
Listen for Free**

Killer Thriller: Ian Ludlow Thrillers, Book 2
Lee Goldberg (Author), Adam Verner (Narrator)
Listen for Free**

A Killer’s Alibi: Philadelphia Legal Series
William L. Myers Jr. (Author), Adam Verner (Narrator)
Listen for Free**

The Shadow Agent: The Agent, Book 3
Daniel Judson (Author), Pete Simonelli (Narrator)
Listen for Free**

Murder in Park Lane: The Detective Lavender Mysteries, Book 5
Karen Charlton (Author), Michael Page (Narrator)
Listen for Free**

Young Adult Fantasy

Smoke and Summons: (Numina, Book 1)
Charlie N. Holmberg (Author), Scott Merriman (Narrator), Lauren Ezzo (Narrator)
Listen for Free**


The Forgotten Hours: A Novel
Katrin Schumann (Author), Bailey Carr (Narrator)
Listen for Free**

Historical Fiction

The Beantown Girls
Jane Healey (Author), Sarah Mollo-Christensen (Narrator)
Listen for Free**

The Spitfire Girls
Soraya M. Lane (Author), Sarah Zimmerman (Narrator)
Listen for Free**

Loving Liberty Levine
Colin Falconer (Author), Angela Dawe (Narrator)
Listen for Free**


Rock Needs River: A Memoir About a Very Open Adoption
Vanessa McGrady (Author, Narrator)
Listen for Free**

There are so many great choices here! I hope you try out a bunch of them and find some new favorites 🙂

Happy listening!

Check out the 21 new free audiobooks that have been added to Kindle Unlimited in Februrary 2019! Find romances, thriller novels, and other fiction and non-fiction audio books. Enjoy the writing of best selling authors and the reading of the best narrators, all included in your subscription. #kindleunlimited #freebooks #audiobooks

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