How to sign up for Audible Plus from outside the USA

Whether you heard about Audible Plus and want in on that unlimited audiobook goodness or want to use Audible promo codes for free audiobooks, it can be really handy to have an account even if you don’t live in the US. So in this post, I want to show you how to sign up to from the UK, EU, Canada, Australia, or anywhere else in the world!

Originally, this post was a guide to signing up for Audible Escape as an international listener. Unfortunately, Audible has discontinued Audible Escape and you can’t sign up for it anymore. But some of the audiobooks were moved into Audible Plus instead, Audible’s new unlimited audiobook subscription!

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With an Audible Plus or Premium Plus subscription, you get a lot of value for your money. And it is great that Plus is now available on Audible UK, AUS, and CA as well. But people living in the EU or elsewhere often assume they can’t sign up for and are limited to their local Audible marketplace. Fortunately, it’s easy to subscribe to it no matter where you live. The only obstacle is that you need a credit card (for Audible, not for the guide, haha) if you want to sign up for a membership. A Visa debit card works, too.

You won’t need that if you just want an account to use with Audible promo codes though!

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For convenience, this guide walks you through signing up to Audible Plus on a desktop computer. Later I will also show you how you can get to your new audiobooks in the Android app.

Don’t worry, it might seem like a lot of steps but they’re all tiny and you’ll be done in 3 minutes!

Step 1

Follow this link to start signing up for Audible Plus**

You’ll arrive on a page looking like this:

Audible Premium Plus

Step 2

Click on “Join Audible Premium Plus” and Amazon will prompt you to log in.

Signing up to Audible Escape from the UK, Canada, Australia, or the EU: login

Step 3

Amazon and Audible have a global login. That means you can log in to with the exact same email and password that you used yesterday to order a new toothbrush and cat food on your local Amazon!

Don’t make a new account! Just use the one you always use to log into Amazon.

Step 4

Here we get to the bit where, sadly, not everyone can sign up for Audible Plus. You need a credit card. You don’t actually have to pay anything at this point. But you need to fill it in. Debit cards only work if it’s a Visa. If you already use a credit card for Amazon, you are done now and can skip on to the next point.

If you only want an account to request free Audible promo codes for reviews you can also skip this step. You don’t need to provide a payment method. Simply follow the link that’s provided with an review copy and you’re all set. Skip this one and the next step and continue setting up your Audible phone app.

If you have a credit card but don’t use it for your Amazon account, you will see this screen and need to fill in your information on

Amazon add payment method

Step 5

Once you’ve added a card to your account, you are done and can start your Audible Premium Plus test month. Whoo!!

You can browse around and listen to as many audiobooks from the Audible Plus catalog as you like during the trial month.

Keep in mind, this works just like Kindle Unlimited “Read and Listen for free”. You borrow the audiobooks and once your subscription runs out, they will be returned. You don’t own them! But you will get to keep any audiobooks you bought for Audible credits or money.

You’re signing up for a free test month and, even though you need your credit card, this is completely free! You can cancel anytime, right away if you wish, and still enjoy a full month of unlimited audiobook bliss.

How to listen to Audiobooks in your Android app

In this second part of the guide, I want to show you how to change the marketplace in the Android app. You will only be able to listen to audiobooks on your phone when you’re logged into the US marketplace.

Please be aware that this only works in the standard Android Audible app! The Amazon Fire tablet has a special Audible version installed and won’t let you log out or change the marketplace. There is currently no workaround for this. So, if you want to use different Audible marketplaces, you will need an Android device with the normal Audible app that you can get on the Android Playstore.

Step 1

Open the app and go to the menu:

Audible android app - change marketplace: settings

Step 2

Open the menu by clicking the three stripes and scroll down to Settings:

Audible android app - change marketplace: settings

Step 3

Click on settings and then log out of Audible:

Audible android app - change marketplace: log out

Step 4

Don’t erase your downloaded content! Just click okay and don’t toggle Erase.

Audible android app - change marketplace: sign out

Step 5

Now you are outside on the login screen. At the bottom, you can see which Audible you were logged into previously. For me, it was

How to use in your phone app: marketplace

Step 6

Click on the marketplace and select .com:

Audible android app - change marketplace: marketplace

Step 7

Now you’re back on the login screen, but at the bottom, it should say If that is so, use your usual Amazon email and password (the one you used before to sign up to

Audible android app - change marketplace: log in

Done! You can now use your app as usual. You can download Audible Plus audiobooks that you can either choose in the app or on the computer.

To log back into your local Audible, just follow the same steps. But you can only listen to Plus audiobooks while logged into

Once your test month runs out, the borrowed audiobooks will disappear.

Get the 30 day free trial**

I hope I could show you that signing up to from the UK, EU, Canada, Australia, or anywhere else in the world is really easy. And it’s of course also perfectly fine with Audible!

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  1. I definitely need to start listening to audio books – I’ve only tried a few and they haven’t quite been right for me. Reading through this and how easy it looks to set up is definitely making me feel like I should indulge – thanks!

    1. For me they’re almost a lifesaver. Between work and baby audiobooks allow me to read so much again.
      But yeah, it’s important to find the right stories and best narrators to get into it. Definitely always check the samples on audible!

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