Audiobook Recommendations April 2022

Well well well, it’s April already! After a beautiful, sunny week we are getting snowfalls again in these here parts, and I am absolutely not okay with that. Gimme Spring! I’m ready to not use the heating anymore. I want sunshine and being outside without getting all frozen stiff.

I feel like I listened to so many audiobooks in March! It was actually only 2 or 3 more than my average. So, I don’t even know why it felt like so many. But there was a lot of variety and several shorter books, which might have added to the feeling. Either way, I’m excited about the audiobooks I have for you this month!

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The Verifiers

Cover of The Verifiers is an illustration of an Asian woman in dark clothing looking over her shoulder and walking away

Jane Pek (Author), Eunice Wong (Narrator)
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The Verifiers is a mystery novel about a crime-fiction-loving woman who gets hired by an agency investigating matches for online daters. (Is the match really not married, do they cheat, is that their real job, those kinds of things…) I love me an amateur sleuth and I adored Claudia, especially voiced by Eunice Wong who is so amazing! This was my first audiobook by her and it will most definitely not be the last. I will keep an eye out for her releases for sure! The story itself is funny, witty, and full of intrigue and conspiracy. I had an absolute blast with this audiobook!

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Four Aunties and a Wedding

Cover of Four Aunties and a Wedding is an illustration of a smiling woman in a wedding dress with four older women in purple dresses with green hats standing behind her

Jesse Q. Sutanto (Author), Risa Mei (Narrator)
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I loved the first book in the Aunties series and Four Aunties and a Wedding is just as wildly entertaining! Aunties doesn’t really fit into any genre and still feels very comfortably familiar, if that makes sense. I would most recommend it to fans of Cozy Mysteries even though it doesn’t follow any of the usual tropes and patterns of the genre, but it has a similar light yet slightly suspenseful atmosphere. This book had me laughing out loud many times and that was quite a feat with me at that particular time. I love how this series is both utterly ridiculous and so, so warm in its celebration of family. Whenever Meddy feels embarrassed by her family, she also explores why they do this – and most often, they do something seemingly silly out of love for Meddy, to help her and support her as best they can. It’s so heartwarming and beautiful! Risa Mei brought it all to life wonderfully and did an amazing job with the many accents. This book would probably work as a stand-alone, but it doesn’t really make sense not to start with Dial A for Aunties.

One For All

Cover of One for All is an illustration showing a young white woman in a red dress with an elaborate hairstyle smirking and holding a rapier while several swords are pointed at her

Lillie Lainoff (Author), Mara Wilson (Narrator)
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One For All was one of my most anticipated books of the year and it indeed turned out so fantastic! This is a musketeers retelling with four girls taking up arms, being spies, and saving France. Tania has learned to fence from her father who always believed in her and helped her find ways to fight despite her POTS. The audiobook is narrated by Mara Wilson who was so great to listen to! An all-around fun, entertaining, fast-paced YA Historical that I can wholeheartedly recommend!

A Walk in the Park

Cover of A Walk in the Park is an illustration of a Black woman and a Black man hugging. A long leash is pulled around their legs several times and a dog is standing on his hind legs behind them.

Rebekah Weatherspoon (Author), Marissa Hampton (Narrator), Chinua Hawk (Narrator)
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A Walk in the Park is an Audible Original by Rebekah Weatherspoon and part of Audible Plus. This is such a fun, feel-good novella! If you have Audible, you absolutely need to give this a listen! I have a weak spot for Romance with dogs and this story did it so wonderfully with a shelter having a mix-up and promising the same dog to two people. They decide to “co-parent” and it turns into more. It’s such a wholesome love story and Marissa Hampton and Chinua Hawk did a fantastic narration! Chinua Hawk has this super warm voice and you can really hear the smile in it. I hope he will narrate more Romance audiobooks in the future!

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The League of Gentlewomen Witches

Cover of The League of Gentlewomen Witches is an illustration of a white woman and man fighting, she is holding a broom and crossing it with his sword.

India Holton (Author), Elizabeth Knowelden (Narrator)
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The second book in the Dangerous Damsels series by India Holton is just as funny, charming, and wild as the first one! I love this weird world with its flying houses, pirates, witches, and feminist commentary. Elizabeth Knowelden did once again a fantastic job with the narration! Charlotte and Alex are both likable characters, but the book is more plot-driven than your usual Historical or Fantasy Romance, and the action, societies, heists, and chasing scenes get as much attention in the story as the romance between Charlotte and Alex. Elizabeth Knowelden really brought out the humor perfectly. This can be read as a stand-alone!

Dating Dr. Dil

Cover of Dating Dr. Dil is an illustration showing a woman with brown hair and glasses sitting on a red chair, standing behind hair is a Brown man in green scrubs

Nisha Sharma (Author), Soneela Nankani (Narrator), Sunil Malhotra (Narrator), Vikas Adam (Narrator)
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Dating Dr. Dil is such an all-around great romantic comedy audiobook! Vikas Adam and Soneela Nankani are, as always, absolutely amazing. And the story is super funny, emotional, and super steamy! Kareena needs to get engaged quickly so she can buy her family’s house. Prem needs to get engaged quickly so he can keep his investors happy and open a community clinic. Sounds like a match made in marriage-of-convenience heaven! But wait, Prem does not at all believe in love. While Kareena wants to find her soulmate and saying yes to Prem would destroy her chances for good. She is not ready for that. She basically wants a marriage of convenience with someone she can fall in love with. So, the two have quite some differences to work out. And I had such a great time accompanying them on this journey!

A Thousand Steps into Night

Cover of A Thousand Steps into Night is an abstract illustration of a black-haired Asian person in a billowing red robe

Traci Chee (Author), Grace Rolek (Narrator)
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Demons, you say? I cannot move past a book that has demons in it. What can I say, they are my favorites. The ones in A Thousand Steps into Night are based on Japanese mythology and the story is absolutely compelling! This is a deeply feminist book about a girl from a small village who could never do anything because society would frown upon it. Then she catches a demonic curse and turns into a demon who can kill by touch. That’s where her adventures start! Grace Rolek did a great narration for Miuko who always thinks that she is too loud and too much, as well as for all the many fantastic creatures and people she meets!

Dragon Ever After

Cover of Dragon Ever After is a photo of a tanned man in a henley, smirking at the camera

Louisa Masters (Author), Joel Leslie (Narrator)
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Starting a new Joel Leslie audiobook is for me like putting on my favorite wool cardigan. I instantly feel relaxed, comfy, and hot, haha! Dragon Ever After is the first book in the Here Be Dragons series, a spin-off to the Hidden Species series. We meet all our favorite guys from the original series. But it’s also a great place for new listeners to get into this fun Urban Fantasy-ish world. In Dragon Ever After, it’s finally Percy’s turn! After having been very lonely while holding the position of the Lucifer, he now has time to focus on himself again and to find out what he wants to do with the rest of his long life. Enter Wing leader Brandt! This book is hilarious, charming, and steamy hot. Louisa Masters and Joel Leslie are a fantastic team and make such insanely entertaining audiobooks!

Sadie on a Plate

Cover of Sadie on a Plate is an illustration of a light-skinned man and woman sitting on a plate, surrounded by food items

Amanda Elliot (Author), Emily Lawrence (Narrator)
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Sadie on a Plate is a fun Women’s Fiction with some Romance. Sadie is a cook and right after her career tanked in a horrible, hurtful way, she gets invited to her favorite cooking show. The book is very focused on the food and the show which is really entertaining if you like cooking competitions like this! To make matters more complicated, on her flight to start filming, Sadie flirts with and kisses this adorable, sweet, super handsome guy – who then turns out to be a judge on the show! He handles that in a not particularly elegant way. But Sadie (and I) could forgive him. The audiobook is narrated by Emily Lawrence who brings the diverse cast of characters to life wonderfully!

Meet Cute Club

Cover of Meet Cute Club is an illustration of a Black man with an open book on one side and a lighter skinned man with a beard holding a huge stack of books on the other side.

Jack Harbon (Author), Brent Billings (Narrator)
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I’m becoming more and more of a fan of Scribd lately. We’ve had a bumpy ride, but lately, the service has been very reliable for me and I very much appreciate that they have started to bring out Scribd exclusive audiobooks. Now, of course, there are good arguments against exclusive books, but in this case, I am absolutely for it, because Scribd produces audio versions of books that have been out for a while and wouldn’t have gotten an audio version otherwise. Meet Cute Club is a Contemporary M/M Romance about two very different bookworms. I wanted to read it ever since I first saw it announced on Twitter, but it hasn’t had an audiobook until now. It’s such a great novella! And the narration is fantastic. I didn’t recognize the name, Brent Billings, but the narration sounds great and very professional!


Cover of Seatmate is an illustration of a white man and woman sitting, she is laughing and he is sleeping and leaning against her.

Cara Bastone (Author), Amanda Ronconi (Narrator), Zachary Webber (Narrator) and a full cast
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Cara Bastone writes romantic comedies like few others! And I love how Audible turns them into these fantastic audiobook productions. Seatmate is the newest in the Love Lines series and it’s RomCom perfection! The characters are so lovable and fun and adorable. The heroine is this very cool yet approachable woman. The hero is a total cinnamon roll. And I love the flow of the story, accompanying them almost in real-time while they get to know each other, become friends, and find out things about the other person few people knew. It’s insanely romantic and Zachary Webber and Amanda Ronconi did such a wonderful narration. They’re supported by a full cast. I loved this book so much!

Audiobooks I listened to in March

Covers of: Four Aunties and a Wedding, When Sorrows Come, Dating Dr. Dil, The League of Gentlewomen Witches, The Love Connection, The Natural Mother of the Child: A Memoir of Nonbinary Parenthood, A Thousand Steps into Night, One for All, Sadie On A Plate, Dragon Ever After, Meet Cute Club, A Walk in the Park, The Charm Offensive, Wings of Ebony, Femme Like Her, Chonburi International Hotel & Butterfly Club, Seven Days in June, Seatmate, The Verifiers, Not Quite Beast, Not Quite Prey, Not Quite Free, Play It Again, Not Quite Human, Not Quite Hunter, Not Quite Whole

I listened to 24 audiobooks in March, which is a bit above my average. However, several of these books were on the short-ish side. I had an absolute blast with the Not Quite series by Kaye Draper. I can highly recommend that! You can borrow the entire completed series with 6 books on Scribd**. It’s a very cool Urban Fantasy with an intersex main character and a polyamorous relationship. Kaye Draper also reads the audiobooks and did a fantastic job! Sam is such a wonderful main character.

I also finally listened to Seven Days in June by Tia Williams! It has a chronically ill heroine and the push and pull between the two main characters makes this a breathtakingly beautiful romance. It will definitely be included in the next update of my list of Romance books with disabled characters.

Which books do you recommend this month?

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