Audiobook Recommendations May 2022

May is finally here, and that means it’s time for a new round of audiobook recommendations! This month, I’ve got a mix of brand-new Romance and Fantasy titles for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something light and fun, or something more serious, I got you covered. So grab your headphones and get ready to listen!

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Go Hex Yourself

Go Hex Yourself (illustrated cover showing a blackhaired white wizard, a black cat, and a red-haired white woman, looking at each other, surrounded by stars and potions

Jessica Clare (Author), Andrew Eiden (Narrator), Holly Linneman (Narrator)

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Go Hex Yourself cured the reading slump I stumbled into at the beginning of the month. It’s a witchy paranormal romance about a woman who believes she is applying for a job at the company that creates her favorite card game. Then it turns out that she actually just got hired as a real witch’s familiar! And then there’s the witch’s nephew… The book is narrated by the awesome Andrew Eiden and Holly Linneman who I both love. This is really fun escapism!

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The Wedding Crasher

The Wedding Crasher (illustrated image showing a dark haired woman pulling a blonde white man by his necktie)

Mia Sosa (Author), Rebecca Mozo (Narrator), Alastair Haynesbridge (Narrator)

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Mia Sosa’s new book is absolutely delightful! Solange – more or less by accident – blows up Dean’s fancy wedding. She didn’t know that Dean was planning a marriage of convenience. Now that fell through and since Solange feels she kinda owes Dean one, he asks her to play his fake girlfriend to help his career. The Wedding Crasher is the perfect Romantic Comedy and absolutely delightful from beginning to end! I love the main characters who are both so likable and have amazing chemistry. And their family and friends are wonderful. Rebecca Mozo and Alastair Haynesbridge did a great narration!

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The Romantic Agenda

The Romantic Agenda (illustrated cover showing a Black woman in a yellow dress with a big straw hat relaxing by a lake)

Claire Kann (Author), Adrienne Walker (Narrator)

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This book! Oh boy. The Romantic Agenda is absolutely charming and captivating! Joy is indeed a pure Joy and such a lovable heroine! She is asexual and has to deal with many prejudices both from outside and inside the ace community. Joy loves her best friend, Malcolm, who is also ace but has always had an active dating life – with everyone but Joy. When Joy meets Fox, she finds herself in a bit of a love triangle. She can’t let go of Malcolm but notices how her feelings for Fox keep growing. The Romantic Agenda is so well written and the characters so wonderful. Fox is gruff but such a sweetheart. And Malcolm, for all his shortcomings, has this deep connection with Joy that I found very moving. And then there’s Summer who is also thoroughly likable even when you think she wouldn’t be. I could not put down my earbuds while listening to Adrienne Walker’s fantastic narration of this amazing book!

Going Public

Going Public (image is a photo of two Asian men in suits standing close to one another)

Hudson Lin (Author), Tyler Tetsuda (Narrator)

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Going Public is a wonderful, slightly suspenseful MM Romance between a millionaire who’s a bit of a player and his demisexual virgin assistant. I love how these tropes were handled here, how the two men treat each other, their experiences, their wishes. They know each other so well and are very considerate and careful with each other. It’s intensely romantic! That together with the additional suspenseful plot made this an all-around entertaining story. And I absolutely adored the narrator!

Sweep in Peace

Sweep in Peace (illustrated cover showing a young blonde white woman with a billowing cloak, in front of a colorful galaxy background)

Ilona Andrews (Author), Christopher Walker (Narrator), Jonathan Lee Taylor (Narrator), Karen Novack (Narrator) and a full cast

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I must admit, I didn’t pay all that much attention to GraphicAudio in the past. But that is changing now! They have recently started adapting Ilona Andrew’s Innkeeper Chronicles series (which is one of my absolute favorites) with a full cast of voice actors and sound effects. And it is absolutely glorious! In the first book, Clean Sweep, we meet Dina who runs a rather mysterious B&B with only one guest. Then there’s a werewolf and a vampire and it is absolutely glorious! The first book reads a lot like Urban Fantasy, but turns more into Science Fiction in the second book, Sweep in Peace, since the nonhuman creatures actually come from different planets. This adaption is so wonderful and I highly recommend it both to people who haven’t read these books before as well as fans of the series who want to revisit it!

Part of Your World

Part of Your World (illustrated cover is divided into two halfs, one rural with a white bearded guy with a baby goat, the other half urban with a red-haired white woman, they are holding hands)

Abby Jimenez (Author), Julia Whelan (Narrator), Zachary Webber (Narrator)

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I will never not immediately buy a new Abby Jimenez book! I have loved every one of her books so incredibly much and her newest might well be the best one yet! Part of Your World is incredibly romantic, it deals with heavy topics and yet manages to balance that out with warm, laugh-out-loud funny humor. This range of emotions is everything I want in a Contemporary Romance novel! And the older woman, younger man pairing in a small-town setting is wonderful. Both characters are so lovable and utterly perfect together. The love between them is palpable! Julia Whelan and Zachary Webber did a fantastic narration and really brought out all these emotions. Part of Your World is without a doubt one of my favorite audiobooks of 2022!

No Rings Attached

No Rings Attached (illustrated cover showing two women in opposite corners, surrounded by wedding rings)

Rachel Lacey (Author), Zara Hampton-Brown (Narrator)

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I picked up No Rings Attached from Kindle Unlimited “Listen for Free” and it was wonderful! A cute, fun, steamy fake relationship love story between two women who just can’t let go of one another. They haven’t met before due to living on different continents but Grace agrees to be Lia’s fake girlfriend for a family wedding in London for the sake of their shared best friend, Rosie. Grace has suffered many losses and isn’t willing to give love a chance. But Lia manages to pull her out of her shell like no one else. The two make such a perfect match and I loved their journey! The audiobook is narrated by Zara Hampton-Brown who really brought out Grace’s struggles and Lia’s openness.

Book Boyfriend

Book Boyfriend (illustrated cover showing a white blonde bearded man drinking coffee and smiling, he's sitting in front of book shelves and is surrounded by open books)

Kris Ripper (Author), Pete Cross (Narrator)

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I’m not entirely sure I would call PK my new book boyfriend. He sure is… a lot! But that’s the thing, he is absolutely, disarmingly himself! And I adored Book Boyfriend, this meta Romance about a guy who can’t tell his best friends that he’s in love with him, so instead writes a Romance novel about a guy who is in love with his best friend. Pete Cross brought it all to life so charmingly! I’m a big fan of Kris Ripper and zir adorable queer rom-coms. They never fail to make me happy!

The Long-Forgotten Winter King

The Long-Forgotten Winter King (illustrated cover is very dark and mysterious looking, with a white man with long blonde hair in the center, he is wearing a robe and holding two blades of ice)

Annette Marie (Author), Cris Dukehart (Narrator)

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The Guild Codex is one of my favorite Urban Fantasy series and I love how Annette Marie sets these different limited series in the same world with lots of character overlap, so new readers and listeners can come in with a fresh series or pick one that’s already completed. With The Long-Forgotten Winter King, we get the second part in Saber’s and Zak’s story and it was once again everything I had hoped for! The Guild Codex: Unveiled focuses on witches, druids, and the fae. Zak once again absolutely guts me in this book. I’ve wanted nothing more than for him to find his happily ever after ever since I first heard about him. Saber is growing a lot in this book and, just like Zak, she has many things to figure out still. But as always in the Guild Codex world, there is a lot of action and adventure at the center of the story! Cris Dukeheart is a fantastic narrator for these stories and I very much enjoyed this audiobook!

Wyrd Sisters

Wyrd Sisters (illustrated cover showing shadowy figures surrounding a cauldron)

Terry Pratchett (Author), Indira Varma (Narrator), Peter Serafinowicz (Narrator), Bill Nighy (Narrator)

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Terry Pratchett was, is, and will always be one of my favorite authors. No one manages to blend so seamlessly warm humanity, scathing societal critique, and utter entertaining ridiculousness. So, I was absolutely thrilled to see that all of the Discworld books are getting brand-new audio recordings with fantastic voice actors! While you might have seen announcements for Small Gods, narrated by Andy Serkis, I am even more delighted that I could get my hands on the new versions of the Discworld: Witches series. Indira Varma did such an outstanding job bringing Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg to life! And yes, I’ve bought a lot of extra Audible credits for this. No regrets!

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Audiobooks I listened to in April

Audiobook graphic with covers of: With Love from Rose Bend, Go Hex Yourself, Clean Sweep, The Romantic Agenda, Swordheart, First Time for Everything, Soulstar, Escape from Virtual Island, To Kill a God, Sylvanas, No Rings Attached, The Wedding Crasher, The Long-Forgotten Winter King, Below Zero, Going Public, River of Teeth, Awakening the Crystals, Witchmark, Stormsong, Part of Your World, Book Boyfriend, Dewey Belong Together

In April, I listened to 22 very enjoyable audiobooks (and started a whole bunch that I didn’t finish and didn’t track in Storygraph because most of the time, it’s not the book’s fault that it isn’t working out, it’s me). Anyway…

One of the highlights was definitely Swordheart by T. Kingfisher. I adore this author and this world! I cannot recommend it enough to anyone who loves Fantasy Romance. I particularly love Zale and hope they will get their own book at some point! Swordheart is on Scribd**

I also have to mention the new Sylvanas book! She has always been one of my favorite World of Warcraft characters. I’ve never read a WoW novel before and didn’t think that was my thing, but she is such a great character so I wanted to give it a try. The book pulled me in right away and it was great hearing it narrated by the original voice actor from the game! There were some minor narrating mistakes like using the wrong voice for a character in dialogue, but it was still such an intense, captivating audiobook. I’ve already given it to my partner who I used to play WoW with and would recommend it to anyone who likes this WoW character!

Which books do you recommend this month?

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