Audiobook Recommendations September 2021

My audiobook recommendations for September are a fun mix of Contemporary and Historical Romance, Urban Fantasy, and Nonfiction!

If we have a theme for this month’s favorites, it’s probably “people getting to know each other slowly and thoroughly”. It’s definitely one of my favorite things in Romance books at the moment: People opening up and really getting to know, appreciate, and like the other person before they enter coupledom.

You can read my audiobook recommendations below or listen to me chat about the books and play some hand-picked, exclusive excerpts in the podcast:

Audiobook Recommendations September 2021

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My Favorite Audiobooks in September 2021

Wait For It

Audiobook cover Wait for It by Jenn McKinley

Jenn McKinlay (Author), Eileen Stevens (Narrator), Andrew Eiden (Narrator)

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Annabelle is a free spirit. She’s an artist and a great friend with incredible people skills. She is sunshine! Her new landlord, however, is grumpy. Nick had a stroke at a very young age, something he tries to keep secret by staying at home. And he deals with illness-induced PTSD. From where I’m standing, the representation was very spot-on (oh, do I wish I couldn’t judge that). I loved how everything comes together here for both Nick and Annabelle. Annabelle is genius at drawing Nick out and pushing his buttons. These two have the perfect grumpy/sunshine dynamic and I loved their talks. Wait For It is such a pleasure to listen to! Andrew Eiden is one of my voice crushes and Eileen Stevens was simply brilliant as Annabelle.

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Role Model

Role Model by Rachel Reid

Rachel Reid (Author), Cooper North (Narrator)

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Troy is a Hockey player who chose to stay in the closet. The homophobic slurs he encounters in games put him off any thoughts of coming out. But Harris, the out-and-proud social media manager of his new team, is too fascinating. So, Troy keeps seeking Harris’ company. This book made me tear up because it was so insanely sweet! I loved how the two guys talked with each other. How carefully Troy approached Harris. So adorable, so emotional! Their relationship journey is insanely sweet and moving. Troy is the kind of tortured hero I just can’t help but love. He comes so far in this book! And as I said in the introduction, it’s so wonderful and romantic to see these two getting to know each other slowly and thoroughly. Cooper North is a wonderful narrator and the perfect fit for this audiobook!


Audiobook Bombshell by Sarah MacLean

Sarah MacLean (Author), Mary Jane Wells (Narrator)

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Bombshell is the first book in a new Historical Romance series, written by the amazing Sarah MacLean and narrated by my most favorite female Historicals narrator, Mary Jane Wells! This is a spin-off and if you have met the Soiled S’s before, you’ll be particularly thrilled about this. Sesily has built a scandalous reputation for herself which she uses strategically to take down bad men, together with her crazy gang of women who have skills and a taste for vengeance. When someone has a secret they will find it, and use it – if necessary. When Sesily encounters Caleb, she needs leverage over him, even though she is so very attracted to him. This was such a thrilling story! I love the girl gang theme and women helping women in need.

The Dating Playbook

The Dating Playbook by Farrah Rochon

Farrah Rochon (Author), Rebecca Lee (Narrator)

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Taylor is building her fitness business, but things aren’t exactly going smoothly. When former football star Jamar offers her a position as his personal trainer, it sounds like the perfect way to boost her career. And it’s such a shame when her great plan is screwed up by the rumor that Taylor and Jamar are a couple. While the two have insane chemistry, Taylor wanted to keep her distance and stay professional. But hey, everybody knows that a fake relationship will solve all your issues, right? Right! I love Farrah Rochon’s voice and writing. She has such likable and relatable heroines! And the narration by Rebecca Lee was absolutely amazing. This Sports Romance is so wonderful and completely captivating!

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Bad Witch Burning

Bad Witch Burning by Jessica Lewis

Jessica Lewis (Author), Kamali Minter (Narrator)

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Katrell can talk to ghosts, an ability she uses to make some money. Her mom is unemployed and rather spends her time with her boyfriend than be a parent. Katrell works a full-time job in addition to going to school, so she can pay rent and buy food. When her abilities change and she finds out that she can bring back the dead, she hopes that all her problems are finally solved. Now she can make some real money! But it turns out that undead people aren’t entirely unproblematic. Bad Witch Burning is at the same time a gripping Urban Fantasy and a deeply moving, all too realistic story about a teen who has to take on responsibilities because of a neglectful parent. Kamali Minter is the perfect voice for Katrell. This is an insanely captivating audiobook that I binged in a day. I couldn’t turn it off!

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Miss Lattimore’s Letter

Miss Lattimore's Letter

Suzanne Allain (Author), Elizabeth Knowelden (Narrator)

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Sophronia (yeah, it’s an unfortunate name, poor thing) has embraced her role as “poor relations” and companion for her cousin. But then, two men enter her life, one who wants to marry her, and one she wants to marry. This is a short and fluffy Historical Romance novel with an interesting setting (Bath instead of London) and many lovable characters. It’s not just one couple who finds their HEA here. Since Sophie becomes a matchmaker with quite a reputation, we see more people fall for each other or work out the issues in their relationship. I really enjoyed this aspect of the story, as well as Sophie’s relationship with her remaining family. Elizabeth Knowelden is a wonderful British narrator and this is a very fun audiobook to listen to!

The Shaadi Set-Up

The Shaadi Set-Up by Lillie Vale

Lillie Vale (Author), Rukhmani K. Desai (Narrator)

Release: Sept. 07
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After an awful break-up, Rita is done with serious relationships. She has a boyfriend for some bedroom action and she doesn’t want more. But then her mother brings her ex-boyfriend, the one who caused all her heartache, back into her life. And Rita gives in and agrees to work with him on a project. The Shaadi Set-Up is the book equivalent of a cozy, upcycled cottagecore blanket! It’s an emotional second chance romance with a wonderful couple and a beautiful setting. I enjoyed Rukhmani K. Desai’s narration, although I would have wished that the voices during dialog scenes would have been a bit more easily distinguishable.

Against White Feminism

Against White Feminism by Rafia Zakaria

Rafia Zakaria (Author), Ulka Simone Mohanty (Narrator)

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I like to listen to at least one Nonfiction book per month and this month’s choice left a huge impression and answered so many questions for me. Against White Feminism connects Anti-Racism and feminism. Rafia Zakaria discusses how mainstream feminism in its current form has been shaped by upper middle class white women without regard or respect for Women of Color, their feminism, and their cultures. She shares her experiences with the tiny mold white feminists have created to decide who’s a feminist and who can’t be, and how much of the white feminist activism we see today is a direct continuation of colonialization. I found this book very eye-opening! It is an incredibly sad read, but it’s an important and very well-written one. And it is definitely worth it to pick it up in the audiobook version and listen to it read by Ulka Simone Mohanty!

Between Cases

Between Cases by W.R. Gingell

W.R. Gingell (Author), Zehra Jane Naqvi (Narrator)

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This is at the same time my backlist recommendation and a new release! Between Cases is book 7 in The City Between series, an Urban Fantasy that completely drew me in from the first minute on. I basically spent half of August devouring these books. I even read two companion stories with my eyes on Kindle Unlimited!! Me!!! An ebook!!! If you can see yourself falling for a heroine who herself doesn’t instantly fawn all over the fae and vampire, if you can appreciate great world-building, if you want to read an Urban Fantasy set in New Zealand instead of “the usual places”, there’s a pretty good chance you will binge this as I did. I couldn’t get enough of Pet! And Zehra Jane Naqvi was absolute perfection! This is an ongoing series that should be read in order. All ebooks are included in Kindle Unlimited and the audiobooks have a Whispersync deal. Please start with Between Jobs**!


In September, we have two sponsors with their newly released audiobooks:

Damaged Hearts – an M/M Contemporary Romance, written by Jan St. Marcus and narrated by Toby James

Damaged Hearts: MM Romance audiobook

The Summer Breeze – a Women’s Fiction with a sweet Romance, written by Shail Rajan and narrated by Leslie Gray

The Summer Breeze: Women's Fiction

Thank you, Jan St. Marcus and Shail Rajan!

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Backlist Recommendation

This month, I also have one more backlist audiobook recommendation for you:

Unforgivable by Joanna Chambers

This is a must-read Historical Romance and I’m so glad I finally got around to listening to it! After a bad illness, Rose looks very unattractive. But her father manages to secure her a match that would have seemed entirely out of her reach, an Earl. Unthinkable for a commoner like her, even though they are rich. Rose just didn’t think they were that rich. I absolutely adored Rose, such a smart heroine! There was a lot of back and forth between Rose and Gil, but the two are very clearly meant for each other. It’s a very romantic story and I enjoyed the narration by Lucy Rayner very much. I listened to the audiobook on Scribd.

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All the audiobooks I have listened to in August 2021

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