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Lovely Audiobooks in 2021 – Blogging Goals and Plans

I rarely make blogging related posts but I was just thinking about my blogging goals for next year and thought, hey, why not share it with you? After all, that’s kind of the core to blogging, isn’t it?!

So, after a weird year and many weeks of more-or-less maternity leave, I want to plan how I’ll organize my blog next year when things – at least to some degree personally – return to normal. After all, I won’t struggle with pregnancy brain anymore, haha.

What can you expect from Lovely Audiobooks in 2021?

I will continue with my regular features: The weekly Audible deals on my Facebook page, the monthly new release recommendations with the book blogger link-up, and the monthly Kindle Unlimited list. I might start making lists for Audible Plus as well if they add a bigger amount of Romance audiobooks. Right now I have them covered in the weekly Facebook posts. So you won’t miss anything either way!

My to-do list has a lot of items I didn’t get to in the last months. I hope I can return to a reliable 2-3 posts per week schedule after the holidays to tackle more of these. I have several book lists I would like to update, most importantly the one with audiobooks by Women of Color and the one for Romance books with disability representation.

I also have a long list of new topics I’d like to bring to you. More book lists, more reviews of audiobook services, and more audiobook reviews – as a book blogger, my heart will always belong to writing book reviews, something I hardly ever have time to do.

Ideally, I’d be organized enough next year – and have enough time – to post one audiobook review a week. But the ugly truth is, book reviews take a lot of time to prepare and only very few people read them. Book lists are simply more worthwhile. So, I hope to write a lot more of those, at least. There are so many awesome Romance themes I’d like to cover and books I want to tell you about!

Where you’ll find me in 2021

Now, on to where I’ll hang out… Talking about what’s worthwhile and a good investment of my limited blogging time, most of my readers these days come from Google. And reaching more fellow audiobook addicts there will be my priority next year as well. I absolutely love that you all find my blog because it has useful info for you about audiobook services or the book recommendations you were looking for.

Then there are my guys in my Facebook group. You’re the best! I would like to do an event again next year like the audiobook challenge I did in January 2020. But I don’t have a good ideas yet and that’s something that will definitely have to wait till later in the year. Maybe we can do a readathon (listenathon?) and/or something smaller like the Romance Hero challenge we did in September 2020 where group members could vote for their favorite type of hero. I had a good time with that and I hope you did, too.

Of course, you can also still find me on Twitter, Pinterest, and my Facebook page. But I try to spend less time there and more on new blog posts 🙂

When I started this blog in Summer 2018, I thought at some point I’d run out of topics because Romance audiobooks are such a specific niche. Haha, turns out I was entirely wrong! Between all the many new books, things going on in Romancelandia, and the ever-changing audiobook subscription market, I have so many things to research and write about and tell you all, that I don’t plan to branch out anytime soon 😉


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