How people find my book blog on Google

SEO from a newbie for newbies!

In this post, I want to tell you a few things about SEO (which stands for Search Engine Optimization).

And we’ll start with the basics: What can you do so more people will find your book blog on Google. And why is it worth it for hobby bloggers to invest time and effort into this? [... read more]

The Monthly Book Blogger Link-Up

Book Blogger Link-Up - a linky for book reviews

Introductions and Instructions

It’s so great that you’re interested in the book blogger link-up! This is a short guide on how to join in.

Reviews are the cornerstone of any book blog. Yet, they often don’t get a lot of love, be it through shares, comments or views. [... read more]

The Pinterest Guide for Book Bloggers

How to get traffic from Pinterest to your Blog

Let’s talk about Pinterest for Book Bloggers! I first published this post in November 2018. This is the updated version with a few extra pointers on what and how to pin.

[This guide is in most parts useful to bloggers from other niches as well. The ideas stay the same and work just as nicely.] [... read more]