Let’s Discuss: Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon

Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon (audiobook cover)

This is really just a for-fun-post. Ice Planet Barbarians is a very entertaining series and I’ve already recommended it several times. But it lends itself so well to a discussion about female fantasies and what we expect from men.

So, bear with me and please take this mostly as entertainment! [... read more]

How Book Bloggers find their next Read…

Bookish Blog Hop: SUmmer Hop

Have you ever wondered where (other) book bloggers find all these amazing books to read?

Funnily, knowing book bloggers is definitely the first step to get in on all the amazing publication news and find the hidden backlist gems. But let’s hear directly from the bookish experts how they find and pick their next book… [... read more]

Why I can’t get over the ending of The Bride Test

Spoilers ahead!

This isn’t really a review of The Bride Test by Helen Hoang. Most of you have already read it by now and these are my thoughts on one specific thing that still bothers me.

Now, just like The Kiss Quotient, this book is inherently poetic which sets it apart from most other Contemporary Romance and makes it all the more beautiful to read. Esme is a wonderfully strong heroine who you just have to root for. I found myself cheering her on. [... read more]