Romance readers, you don’t read this subgenre, but you should!

Why you should read Lesbian Romance

Are dicks really the secret ingredient in Romance novels?

If you look at pretty much any list of popular Romance books, you find, of course, first and foremost M/F. Which makes sense since that’s the sexual orientation most women live.

You also find a fair number of M/M Romance written by female authors for their female readers. [... read more]

What I don’t want to read in Romance anymore in 2019 (or ever)

What I don't want to read anymore in Romance!

While I was doing my research for a new post (which means: listening to a lot of audiobooks), I also ran into some books that are very new and very popular. And that I disliked with a burning passion.

Now, I don’t judge anyone for what they want to read, especially not in Romance. You do you! Romance is about finding a happy place and about reading your fantasies. [... read more]

Holiday Hop: A fictional creature to replace Rudolph

A fictional creature to replace Rudolph and meet on the roof

Maybe you remember that I joined the Bookish Blog Hops in October, too. This time around it’s a wonderful way to add a bit of Christmas spirit to my lil blog again 🙂 


A fictional creature to replace Rudolph and meet on the roof…

Here’s my thought process to answer this question: Since the creature is likely supposed to pull a heavy sleigh through the air it has to be able to fly and it can’t be tiny and weak. Rudolph is also famous for his nose, so it’s gotta have a prominent nose. [... read more]

Are Romance novels the white bread of literature?

Why there's nothing wrong with reading Romance...

Or: Why there’s nothing wrong with listening to Romance audiobooks…

On Being a Romance Reader

As a romance audiobook listener, I sometimes feel like I’m not viewed as a “real reader”. If you ever shared this experience and/or want to know what this has to do with feminism, please read on.

I get the impression that many people believe the following: [... read more]

Do you care about your favourite authors’ political views?

2018 Discussion Challenge: authors' political views

Let’s talk about authors’ political views!

Whispers in the background:
” Omg, I can’t believe she wants to talk about politics!”
“What? Politics? Is she insane?”
“Politics? This will end in a disaster!”


The Story

Like the busy little bookblogger I am, I was writing a review to a book I enjoyed. When it was done I headed over to Twitter to look up the author and see if I could tag her. You know, to spread the love.

Instead I stumbled into the middle of a political battle between another bookblogger, this author and another one.

Previously, I had a vague idea that this author had different political views from my own. It made me roll my eyes a bit the one time it showed in one of her books. But overall, I found them so enjoyable that I didn’t think about it any further or researched if she shares her political views on her social media platforms. Until I stumbled into said twitter war.


The Discussion

And now I’m wondering:

How important are authors’ political views to you as a reader and as a reviewer?

Do you only read and review books of authors who either remain neutral or share your opinions?

Or do you leave politics completely out of your reading choices?

I hope you share your thoughts in the comments 🙂


The Rules

I have studied political science for a while (until I came to my senses) and politics has always been an important topic for me. I feel strongly about my opinions. And yes, I admit, I also believe that my views are the only true, good and right ones, hah! I don’t try particularly hard to keep them a secret, but I would like to have a civil talk where everyone feels welcome, so I want to keep this all neutral. Please keep your actual political views out of your reply, and only post your opinion on whether or not political views in general matter for your reading choices.


My Opinion

I’m very unsure still and I hope this discussion will help me make up my mind. The whole topic has come up very little for me since I used to not follow authors on social media. Most books I’ve read seemed neutral to me. On one hand, I feel art and literature are political on a more basic level than which party you vote for in the next election and in that sense transcend party differences.

On the other hand, as a bookblogger I want people to buy the books I recommend. And do I want to support authors in this way who stand for things that I might view as actually threatening? We live in difficult political times where we aren’t only talking about nuances or whether taxes should be raised by 1 or 5%, but about a lot of things that actually scare people everywhere on the political spectrum.

I’m very much looking forward to finding out what you think about this!


This post is part of the 2018 Book Blog Discussion Challenge hosted by Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight!