Why Audiobooks matter: Let’s talk about Inclusion and History

The history of audiobooks - an inforgraphic by LovelyAudiobooks.info

A few numbers

Today I want to take you on a little tour through the history of audiobooks to show you why they matter. Currently in 2018, 18% of US consumers listen to audiobooks, compared to 74% readers overall, 67% print readers and 26% e-book readers (1).

There are two defining factors in the audio success story: The first is technological development. Prior to the LP we already had radio plays. But a talking book that you could consume on your own schedule was an impossible thing. The cheaper and more convenient technology has become, the more popularity audiobooks could gain. [... read more]

Are Romance novels the white bread of literature?

Why there's nothing wrong with reading Romance...

Or: Why there’s nothing wrong with listening to Romance audiobooks…

On Being a Romance Reader

As a romance audiobook listener, I sometimes feel like I’m not viewed as a “real reader”. If you ever shared this experience and/or want to know what this has to do with feminism, please read on.

I get the impression that many people believe the following: [... read more]