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Audiobook Recommendations April 2022 with Book Review Link-up (background image showing a phone and earbuds, two pieces of cake, and white tulips)

Audiobook Recommendations April 2022

Well well well, it’s April already! After a beautiful, sunny week we are getting snowfalls again in these here parts, and I am absolutely not okay with that. Gimme Spring! I’m ready to not use the heating anymore. I want sunshine and being outside without getting all frozen stiff. I feel like I listened to …

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audiobook recommendations March 2022 with book review link-up

Audiobook Recommendations March 2022

This month, I’m sending my audiobook recommendations into a very different world than just 4 weeks ago. It’s scary and the temptation to wait and doom scroll Twitter is huge. But to some extent, for most of us, daily life has to continue. Kids and furballs demand to be fed. There’s only so long you …

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audiobook recommendations february 2022

Audiobook Recommendations for February 2022

So, this thing happened! In December, I was like “I won’t do the monthly recs anymore in 2022, I should do other things”, but then I got really sad about it. And here we are, after a break in January, back with audiobook recommendations for February 2022! 🙂 Also, new things happened! While I was …

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audiobook recommendations december

Audiobook Recommendations December 2021

It’s December already? What? Well, it would seem then that this is the last monthly audiobook recommendations post with new releases for 2021! Fortunately, it’s a good one. With many of my favorite authors and all the good things! And as always, the audiobooks I recommend are 100% made by humans! I think I might …

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audiobook recommendations november 2021

Audiobook Recommendations November 2021

I have some fantastic audiobook recommendations for you for November! Seriously, I think I have listened to some of my favorite books of the year lately and I’m very excited to share them with you now. All The Feels Olivia Dade (Author), Kelsey Navarro (Narrator)Get the Audible book** Aw man, All The Feels by Olivia …

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