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Audiobook Recommendations September 2021

My audiobook recommendations for September are a fun mix of Contemporary and Historical Romance, Urban Fantasy, and Nonfiction! If we have a theme for this month’s favorites, it’s probably “people getting to know each other slowly and thoroughly”. It’s definitely one of my favorite things in Romance books at the moment: People opening up and …

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Audiobook Recommendations August 2021

I think I have some really cool audiobook recommendations for you in August! These audiobooks have all just come out and it turns out that we have a bit of a health theme this month. Many of these books have physical and mental health themes that resonated with me. And this month, I have the …

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best audiobooks july

Audiobook Recommendations July 2021

Oh, I think you will love the audiobook recommendations for July! So many fantastic books! It’s vacation time for many of us. And the audiobooks below are perfect for your next road trip or as a beach listen. You can read this post in your browser or listen to it in my podcast here or …

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Audiobook Recommendations June 2021 with Book Blogger Link-Up

Audiobook Recommendations June 2021

June is audiobook month and Pride month! It’s my favorite time of the year here on Lovely Audiobooks because we can celebrate all things Queer Romance audiobooks. In the coming weeks, you will find many new LGBTQ+ audio recommendations here on the blog. And we start with a very queer edition of this month’s new …

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audiobook recommendations and book review linky May 2021

Audiobook Recommendations May 2021

My listening in the last month was unusually structured which means I have a big number of absolutely amazing audiobook recommendations for you for May 2021! I’m so excited to share these. This month, it’s pretty much exclusively Romance audiobook recommendations, but I have everything from Historical to Fantasy, and fitting every mood from somber …

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