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Today’s mini reviews have absolutely no theme. They are all over the place because I’ve picked up books all over the place. I again have been listening much faster than I could review so here’s another round of mini reviews.

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It’s time for a sweet escape!

Review of: Nuts (Hudson Valley) by Alice Clayton. Contemporary Romance.

Review: Nuts (Hudson Valley 1)

by Alice Clayton
narrated by Shayna Thibodeaux

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Roxie, chef to the stars but fallen from grace, has to return to her small hometown. And it turns out… things have changed up there.

This was my first Alice Clayton story and when you’re looking for a funny, sexy novel, this is a great choice. In the first chapters you notice that some of the characters come from another Alice Clayton series. I’m a big fan of this feeling that side characters have their own lives and aren’t just props. [... read more]