RecomMondaytion: Legal Magick by Alisa Woods

Legal Magick is a new Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy series in Audible Escape.

Book 1 Ever Strange was released in March, and book 2 Mercy Strange was released in May. In each book, one of the Strange sisters finds her partner, and there’s an overarching storyline involving Strange Medical Technologies and the FBI. [... read more]

My 5 Favorite Lesbian Romance Audiobooks

My 5 Favorite Lesbian Romance Audiobooks

Since it’s Pride Month and Audiobook Month, I’d like to put a spotlight on my very favorite lesbian Romance Audiobooks.

Lesbian love stories are a bit of a third wheel in the world of Romance. Straight and M/M is ridiculously popular. But WlW (Women loving Women) is comparatively small. [... read more]

Let’s Discuss: Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon

Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon (audiobook cover)

This is really just a for-fun-post. Ice Planet Barbarians is a very entertaining series and I’ve already recommended it several times. But it lends itself so well to a discussion about female fantasies and what we expect from men.

So, bear with me and please take this mostly as entertainment! [... read more]

Mystic Bayou: Even Tree Nymphs Get the Blues

Even Tree Nymphs Get the Blues by Molly Harper (Mystic Bayou 2.5)

Review of Molly Harper’s Audible original

Even Tree Nymphs Get the Blues (Mystic Bayou 2.5) is in June’s selection of free Audible Originals**. As a member (silver to platinum), you can choose two of the Audible Originals every month, in addition to your free audiobook.

Molly Harper was one of the first authors to add newly released audiobooks to Audible Escape (then Romance Package). Book 1 and 2 in the Mystic Bayou series are available there. [... read more]

Short Audiobooks for Free: My Favorites from Audible escape

Free Short Audiobooks in Audible escape

Below I’ll share with you some of the best Romance novellas in Audible escape. Less than 3 hours long, but full of emotions, these free short audiobooks are great for reading slumps or driving.

In the days before my unlimited audiobook subscriptions, I was quite focused on audiobook length. [... read more]