My 5 Favorite Contemporary Romance Audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited

Do you know these 5 great “Listen For Free” Kindle Unlimited Audiobooks yet?

If you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you don’t only get access to a million books. (The word “only” seems wrong in this context, but there you go.)

You also get access to over 2000 Kindle Unlimited audiobooks that you can listen to for free.

A few weeks ago, I already told you about my favorite Urban Fantasy series in Kindle Unlimited. Today, I want to tell you about my favorite Contemporary Romance stories in the subscription.

I’m a pretty critical and picky Romance reader. I don’t like doormat heroines or stories that make you feel like you already read them before.

And I admit, I used to be a little prejudiced when it came to Kindle Unlimited audiobooks. Sure, we all love free things. But don’t we also have the tendency to believe that things that come for free are “less-than”? KU books seem to have the reputation that they couldn’t make it on their own.

Each one of these stories proves how wrong that prejudice is. Every one of these audiobooks would be worth a credit.

Every one of these stories is unique and captivating. All of the narrators are incredibly talented and an absolute pleasure to listen to. The 5 books were written by bestselling authors. And I’m ridiculously happy that these very successful and very gifted ladies take part in a program like KU. So we can enjoy their amazing work even when we can’t afford to buy their books individually.


Hate Notes

written by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward, narrated by Sebastian York and Lynn Barrington

This author duo is a bit of a wild card for me. I didn’t enjoy all of their books, but this one is absolutely amazing! I honestly couldn’t put it down.

Reed is so frustrating. Yet, I fully understand why Charlotte won’t let herself be pushed away. He’s a truly fascinating and complex romance hero. And I absolutely loved the twist to this story!

Well, that’s not entirely true. I wish I could say what it was because I think for many of you this twist would be the exact reason why you would want to pick up this audiobook. Alas, it’s a spoiler. And you’ll just have to trust me and get the book.

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written by Sawyer Bennett, narrated by Sebastian York and Kendall Taylor

If you ever read anything by Sawyer Bennett, you probably know what a great author she is. This book totally blew me away because it honestly has everything I look for in a good romance novel.

The story line is absolutely captivating, the protagonists have tons of chemistry and are truly likable and interesting. And the sex scenes… Well, you won’t be disappointed!

Check out my full review of Friction.

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written by CD Reiss, narrated by Andi Arndt and Christian Fox

This is THE nanny-superstar-romance! CD Reiss wrote an incredibly captivating story with some unexpected twists and turns. I loved the two protagonists, and the two narrators were so absolutely perfect in bringing this story to live.

This is a raw and emotional story that will definitely give you all the feels.

Check out my full review of Bombshell.

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The Matchmaker’s Playbook

written by Rachel Van Dyken, narrated by Jeremy York

Jeremy York is one of my top aural crushes. (That’s me being fancy while saying that I love listening to his voice, haha.) I rarely give single-male-narrator audiobooks a chance, but this one was absolutely worth it.

The story, while of course being somewhat predictable, is very entertaining. And I really liked how 3-dimensional and relatable Ian was.

Check out my full review of The Matchmaker’s Playbook.

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More Than This

written by Jay McLean, narrated by Jeremy York and Allison Lynnewood

This was one of my very first romance novels “back in the day”. If you need some seriously soul-crushing, heart-wrenching Young Adult romance, this is it.

Books don’t make me cry, but this one got extremely close. The love story is incredibly tender and so, so raw and emotional.

I’m not much of a YA fan, but I believe every avid romance reader should give this book a chance because it’s a truly wonderful love story that you won’t forget any time soon.

Also, Jeremy York. Just saying…

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I hope you had fun reading the short reviews of my favorite Kindle Unlimited audiobooks in the Contemporary Romance genre. Stay tuned for more reviews of the great books you can find in your unlimited audiobooks subscriptions.

Happy listening!

This is my book list of the 5 best Contemporary Romance Audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited. These books are written by best selling authors and each narrator knows how to perfectly bring these steamy hot stories to live. And yet, they are all free to listen with a Kindle Unlimited subscription! #booklist #romance #audiobooks #freebooks

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2 thoughts on “My 5 Favorite Contemporary Romance Audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited

  1. These all look good. I have 3 of them but haven’t got around to listening to them yet. I have listened to and enjoyed narration by most of those authors in the past. I have just finished re-listening to the Stage Dive series and Andi Arndt is the narrator. She did an amazing job. Great post.

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