Crescent Moon

by Delilah Devlin

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Crescent Moon by Delilah Devlin

Police detective Justin Henry Boucher is called to a museum to investigate the theft of ancient Egyptian artifacts. At the scene he finds a young woman, seemingly turned into a living mummy and trapped.

Khepri is “The God’s Wife”. She is strong, trained, and the victim of a nasty crime. She finds herself in a strange new world, but her enemy of old is still alive.

Khepri who owns nothing in this new life, and Justin who has lost everything in his old life, try to save mankind and, while they are at it, maybe also each other.

From a voice-acting perspective this was actually the best romance audiobook I have ever listened to. It has often bothered me in mixed PoV books that chapters are alternatingly read only by one narrator, including the frankly sometimes silly cross-gender voices. In this audiobook, Natalie Ross always reads the female voices and Phil Gigante always reads the male voices, additionally or rather regardless of whether it is Justin’s or Khepri’s chapter. It almost feels like a full cast production.

I enjoyed the story a lot. I’m usually not very interested in… anything historical, haha! But this book is really a different angle on paranormal romance. And I like my paranormal to not be the same old vampires, werewolfes, helpless young women template so this trip into ancient egyptian mythology was something else for sure. It is a stand-alone but I wouldn’t have minded for it to be a longer series.

At the start I was a bit unsure how I would like it because the story starts out in ancient Egypt. But not to worry, fellow moderners, we very quickly move to now-time and things unfold. Also, sexily.
I highly recommend this audiobook to all romance-readers who don’t mind some paranormal, or paranormal-readers who don’t mind some romance. If you have a kindle unlimited sub, go get it immediately! If you don’t, well, you should also go get it immediately!



4 out of 5 sexy stars


Audiobook > Book
The production is done so well, it’s really worth listening to!

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