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Urban Fantasy review: The Half-Breed series by Debra Dunbar

Demons of Desire was actually my first ever book by Debra Dunbar.

Back in the day, I really only picked this book up because of its amazing title. I mean, Demons of Desire?! How good is that?!

This was also my introduction to the world of Paranormal Romance beyond vampires and werewolves. Their fangs lost some of their original shine for me. And demons were a pretty intriguing idea. And they still are my absolute favorites!

Since the entire Half-Breed series is now out on Audible, it’s time for me to tell you about all of this awesomeness and why you need to get started listening to it tonight 😉

The Story

The Half-Breed series is a spin-off from the Imp series. We first meet Amber there. But it’s easy to catch up to the rules of Debra Dunbar’s world without having read Imp first. The books in this series should definitely be read in order though.

Amber lived the first 20 or so years of her life as a normal human girl. Then, bam, the big revelation! “You’re adopted, and your mom is an elf and your sire is a demon… A sex demon actually.” This mix turns Amber into the perfect supernatural hippie: She loves all the sex and all the trees! But she is unwilling to hurt other people which makes feeding her succubus half difficult.

Over the course of the series, we accompany Amber while she’s coming to terms with both sides of her supernatural heritage. And how she’s trying to find her place in the human world. This half-demon/half-elf needs a job and wants to protect nature while she’s at it.

The Writing

The entire series is really well written and entirely unique and captivating. Each book has its own story arc of one chapter in Amber’s life, both in regard to her love life and her professional life.

We also travel with her to some seriously awesome places, including Italy, Hawaii and Hel, and meet some very fascinating creatures, from gods to dragons.

I loved the final book and thought it was the perfect wrap for the series. But I also hope that we meet Amber again in a few of the Imp World novels that are still coming.

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The Romance

Now, in case the whole succubus thing didn’t give it away: These are very explicit books! There are tons of sex scenes and quite a bit of violence, sometimes both at the same time. Because demons. And you also get some menage loveliness and an adorable lesbian romance!

But, without wanting to make it too much of a spoiler: There’s also the One. So don’t worry, you get all the feels AND all the naughtiness.

The Narration

Hollie Jackson is definitely one of my favorite audiobook narrators. Demons of Desire was my first audiobook of hers and I regularly pick up audiobooks specifically because she narrated them. (And because we seem to have the same taste in books, so I have never been disappointed in any of the stories she chose to narrate.)

She can read wonderful accents and her youthful and sexy voice is absolutely fitting for Amber. Hollie Jackson’s narrations are so captivating and I love her different voices! Her male ones are great, too. It’s always super easy to differentiate between characters and she narrates all those seriously dirty sex scenes with lots of feeling.

My Recommendation

This series is perfect for both Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance fans. If you like demons and some seriously steamy reads, I’m sure you’ll have a good time with the Half-Breed series by Debra Dunbar!

Start with Demons of Desire**

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