Demons of Desire (Half-Breed 1)

by Debra Dunbar

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Demons of Desire Half-Breed series by Debra Dunbar

To be honest, I really only picked this book up back in the day because of its amazing title. I mean, Demons of Desire?! How good is that?! This was also my introduction to the world of paranormal romance beyond vampires and werewolves. Their fangs lost some of their original shine for me. So demons seemed like a pretty intriguing idea.

And the book really delivered. The Half-Breed series is stuffed with sex of all flavors while following the path of young Amber, who formerly believed she was just a college girl, but then found out she is actually half elf, half succubus. And also, her friend is satan (but that is a different story).Β  The revelation of her actual parentage happens prior to this first book and is covered in the Imp Series by Debra Dunbar. However, you don’t need to actually read Imp. Demons of Desire was my first Debra Dunbar story and it works just fine by itself (although I absolutely recommend reading the Imp series, it is really fantastically entertaining and all around awesome, especially as audiobook narrated by Angela Rysk!)

Now, in this first book Amber is trying to come to terms with her succubus half and the needs she has because of it. You know… sex. But this truly is a paranormal romance novel, so cue Irix the incubus. Amber is worried he would love her and leave her, in true incubus style, so she flees to her friend in New Orleans to escape temptation. There she learns more about her nature-attuned elf powers and tries to save a bayou that has become the scene of a magical battle for ley lines.

Hollie Jackson has a wonderful accent and I find her youthful yet sexy voice very fitting for Amber. Her reading is captivating and her different voices are great. I especially liked her New Orleans accent, and I am super particular with accents πŸ˜€ She also reads the nastiest sex scenes without any hesitation. Yes, Demons of Desire has one scene with explicit descriptions of acts that I will carefully call “an acquired taste”. But it works for the story and the narrator delivers it in a wonderful way. So don’t be afraid and give demons a chance!



5 out of 5 succubus sex-crazed stars!



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