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Enemies to Lovers: Faker by Sarah Smith

Every now and then, I read a book that I absolutely hate but that has stellar reviews. With Faker by Sarah Smith, it was the opposite. I loved this book and the low Goodreads ratings shocked me.



written by Sarah Smith

narrated by Donnabella Mortel

The Introverted Protagonists

I really felt the introvert vibe of both protagonists, Emmie and Tate. And I liked how they represented different aspects of what it means to be an introvert.

Both characters were very likable and it was incredibly romantic how Tate opened up to Emmie and took care of her. That definitely made me feel all warm inside.

I also loved reading about Emmie’s journey and seeing her come to terms with who and how she really is as a person.

The Story

This is neither the first Enemies to Lovers Romance, nor the first Office Romance book. But the story felt fresh and different and had a lot of things going for it!

The characters got me very invested. They had kind of a slow burn thing going on, although… I’m not sure if that’s really the right word. They were taking it slow with moving forward in their newfound like for each other.

This is not one of those Romances where the enemies all of a sudden jump each others’ bones.

Which brings me to the sex scenes! They were rather different from what I usually read. It was somewhat “open door”, as a reader you are there for the entire scene, but it’s described without all the usual words (lick, suck, pussy, cock…). It was kind of implied-descriptive which I found very intriguing.

The setting and the different minor plotlines all fit together well. I enjoyed the writing and the story as a whole very much.

The Narrator

Donnabella Mortel is an actress and as far as I can see, she’s fairly new to audiobooks. But you couldn’t tell from listening! She has a beautiful, husky voice and it was easy to follow her narration. Everything was on point and I liked her different voices (well, except for Perry, but that’s on purpose 😀 ).

The Debate

I don’t feel in any way equipped to comment on this. But here goes nothing…

A lot of Goodreads reviewers mentioned the “milky” issue. At several points in the book, Tate’s skin is described as very white or milky. Now, at his first description in the book, I was a bit like: “Yuck, so white he glows? That doesn’t sound sexy!”

But, Google to the rescue! There’s this guy, and this guy, and, oh, this guy, damn, not to mention this guy, or – lol – this guy. And they sure are hot. And blonde. And not particularly tanned.

But personal taste aside, I have a theory of what the author was doing. I might be wrong and it’s maybe not at all my place to even comment on this. But in other books, I was often taken aback by how the skin of characters of color was repeatedly described as “ebony” or “olive”, even long after the character was established. And it sometimes made me wonder why there seemed to be this white default. So, Sarah Smith having her heroine describe Tate’s skin as “milky” seems fair to me. It definitely gave me a certain level of satisfaction when I noticed.

Recommending Faker

If you enjoy enemies to lovers, if you love a hero who’s gruff on the outside but has a huge soft spot for his heroine, and if you like a girl boss, get Faker by Sarah Smith!

This is a story I will most likely re-listen to. I really loved it and it has a lot of different layers that I think will keep it interesting 🙂

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  1. Great review, this book looks and sounds like an amazing and fantastic book. I’m glad you fully enjoyed reading this book. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome post.

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