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20 Free Romance Novels with Cheap Audible Narration

Amazon is full of free ebooks but it can be a bit tricky to find the gems among the hundreds of free Romance novels on there! Below, you’ll find 20 very popular, highly rated books that you can buy for $0.00 on Amazon.com.

20 actually Free Romance Books, book covers of Mister McHottie, The Magpie Lord, The Chase, Cheeky Royal

And these free Romance books all have audiobook versions that you can add to your purchase for less than $7.50! This is a really cool thing that Amazon offers to get more people hooked on audiobooks (like yours truly). Instead of having to pay for an expensive Audible membership or an even more expensive audiobook from an audiobook store, you can simply grab the Audible narration on Amazon. That’s actually the exact same audiobook that you’d pay $20 or more for on Audible itself. But thanks to the Amazon Whispersync deal, you can get them for only a few dollars with your free Romance novels and without paying any kind of subscription!

Here’s my guide how to buy Whispersync deals.

Free Romance Novels on Amazon

The following ebooks were free on Amazon.com on May 6th, 2021. While I check this list regularly, prices can change at any time!

You can find Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Romantic Comedy, Sci-Fi Romance, and Paranormal Romance novels on this list. Most of these books are rather steamy and for adults only!


The Chase

Elle Kennedy (Author), Jacob Morgan (Narrator), CJ Bloom (Narrator)
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A sexy standalone novel from New York Times and international bestselling author Elle Kennedy! Everyone says opposites attract. And they must be right, because there’s no logical reason why I’m so drawn to Colin Fitzgerald. I don’t usually go for tattoo-covered, video-gaming, hockey-playing nerd-jocks who think I’m flighty and superficial. His narrow view of me is the first strike against him. It doesn’t help that he’s buddy-buddy with my brother.

Elliott Evans was here - Audible audiobook by Aaron Varble

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Tall, Tatted and Tempting

Tammy Falkner (Author), Dara Rosenberg (Narrator)
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She’s locked up tight. But he might be the key. Logan Reed is tall, tatted and tempting. Kit’s a woman with a mean right hook and a secret…

Chasing Eva

Camellia Hart (Author), Charlotte North (Narrator)
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When Eva and Clive meet in the office elevator 15 years after they’ve seen each other last, their mutual attraction not dulled one bit, they’re tempted to explore their intense, undeniable, chemistry further. But then Eva discovers that the sinfully gorgeous Clive is the powerful businessman who’s causing her company’s downfall.

Beyond Shame

Kit Rocha (Author), Lucy Malone (Narrator)
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All Noelle Cunningham has ever wanted is a life beyond – beyond the walls of Eden, where only the righteous are allowed to remain, and beyond her stiflingly restrictive existence as a councilman’s daughter. But only ruins lie outside the City, remnants of a society destroyed by solar storms decades earlier.

Leather and Lace

Lili Valente (Author), Mikael Naramore (Narrator)
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There’s a new bad boy in town… Harley-riding cowboy Sawyer Kane is two parts swagger, one part sexy drawl, and all parts off limits. At least as far as Mia Sherman is concerned. After barely surviving her last relationship, Lonesome Point’s resident prankster has sworn off men.

Stay Here Tonight

Cynthia Dane (Author), Hildred Billings (Author), Beth Roeg (Narrator)
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Lonely Lydia has little to look forward to during her long days working at the local LGBT resource center, except greeting multimillionaire heiress, Maxine Woodward, who drops by every week. But Maxine could barely care who Lydia is. Maxine’s a faraway dream, the ultimate fantasy for young lesbian, Lydia.

The Magpie Lord

KJ Charles (Author), Cornell Collins (Narrator)
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A lord in danger. A magician in turmoil. A snowball in hell. Exiled to China for 20 years, Lucien Vaudrey never planned to return to England. But with the mysterious deaths of his father and brother, it seems the new Lord Crane has inherited an earldom. He’s also inherited his family’s enemies. He needs magical assistance, fast. He doesn’t expect it to turn up angry.

The Dom Who Loved Me

Lexi Blake (Author), Ryan West (Narrator)
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Sean Taggart is hunting a deadly terrorist, and his only lead is the lovely Grace Hawthorne. She’s the executive assistant for an employment agency Sean suspects is a front for illegal activities. To get the truth, he is going to have to get very close to Grace, a task he is all too eager to undertake when he discovers her deliciously submissive nature.

Better Off Dead: Lily Harper, Book 1

H. P. Mallory (Author), Betsy Hogg (Narrator)
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From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Urban Fantasy Romance Author, H.P. Mallory, comes The Lily Harper Series! If you like your books steamy (this is an adult fantasy romance, not for kids or teens!) and you aren’t easily offended by potty-mouthed, crass guardian angels, read on!

Switching Hour

Robyn Peterman (Author), Stephanie Riggio (Narrator)
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Released from the magic pokey and paroled with limited power is enough to make any witch grumpy. However, if you throw in a recently resurrected cat, a lime-green Kia, and a sexy egotistical werewolf, it’s enough to make a gal fly off the edge. Not to mention a mission…with no freaking directions.

Badd Motherf–ker

Jasinda Wilder (Author), Summer Roberts (Narrator), Tyler Donne (Narrator)
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From New York Times bestseller Jasinda Wilder comes a sexy new romantic comedy. Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, right? That’s what they say, at least. I went into that day hoping I’d get the happiest day of my life. What I got? The worst. I mean, you really can’t get any worse of a day without someone actually dying.

The Pawn

Skye Warren (Author), Kylie Stewart (Narrator)
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The price of survival… Gabriel Miller swept into my life like a storm. He tore down my father with cold retribution, leaving him penniless in a hospital bed. I quit my private all-girl’s college to take care of the only family I have left. There’s one way to save our house, one thing I have left of value.

Cheeky Royal

Nana Malone (Author), Andi Arndt (Narrator), Shane East (Narrator)
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I never wanted the throne…. I have a plan: Find my long-lost brother and make him the prince so I don’t have to rule. The last thing I have time for is my sexy new neighbor. She’s everything I don’t want, sassy, funny and…not available. That’s okay – I’m amazing best-guy-friend material…. Friends? Sure. Anything more? Definitely not.


Laurelin Paige (Author), Elena Wolfe (Narrator)
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Edward Fasbender is a devil. He’s my father’s biggest rival. He takes what he wants, and he bows to no one. And now Edward Fasbender wants me. I didn’t expect to want him back. Having him is not in the cards, not when a union with him would destroy my father. But that doesn’t mean I can’t play with him a bit.

Securing Caite: SEAL of Protection: Legacy

Susan Stoker (Author), Savannah Peachwood (Narrator)
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Caite McCallan is a Department of Defense admin working in Bahrain when a glitchy elevator, of all things, leads to an unexpected invitation to dinner by a gorgeous Navy SEAL. When he later stands her up, Caite’s understandably upset…until she overhears a plot that confirms Rocco didn’t blow her off. Instead, he and two fellow SEALs are in danger – and Caite is forced to put her career and her life on the line to save them.



Julia Kent (Author, Publisher), Erin Mallon (Narrator)
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It all started with the wrong Help Wanted ad. Of course it did. I’m a professional fluffer. It’s not what you think. I stage homes for a living. Real estate agents love me, and my work stands on its own merits. Sigh. Get your mind out of the gutter. Go ahead. Laugh. I’ll wait. See? That’s the problem. My career has used the term “fluffer” for decades. I didn’t even know there was a more… lascivious definition of the term.

Dare to Resist

Carly Phillips (Author), Erin Mallon (Narrator), Joe Arden (Narrator)
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He’s sexy. Alphalicious. And suddenly a dad. Austin Prescott is a lot of things. Ex football player. Sports agent. And as of this morning? Father. Finding a baby on his doorstep should have been a joke, but the pink sticky note and baby carrier she came in is deadly serious. What’s an out-of-his-depth bachelor to do? Call his tempting and beyond gorgeous executive assistant and beg her to move in.

Close Liaisons

Anna Zaires (Author), Kathleen Godwin (Narrator)
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A dark and edgy romance that will appeal to fans of erotic and turbulent relationships…. In the near future, the Krinar rule the Earth. An advanced race from another galaxy, they are still a mystery to us – and we are completely at their mercy.

Safe with Me

Stephanie Nicole Norris (Author), Jakobi Diem (Narrator), Wesleigh Siobhan (Narrator)
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Small-business owner and financial advisor Samiyah Manhattan is mourning the death of her six-year marriage when she vows never to trust men again. Alone at a local bar, Samiyah attempts to put her situation in perspective when she is drawn inexorably to the presence of a nearby patron.

Men of Inked

Chelle Bliss (Author), Lance Greenfield (Narrator), Samara Naeymi (Narrator), Lee Samuels (Narrator), Kirsten Leigh (Narrator), Simone Lewis (Narrator)
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Men of Inked Series, Volume 1 features: Throttle Me, Hook Me, Throttled, and Resist Me

I hope you’ll enjoy your free Romance novels and your awesome new audiobooks!

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  1. Great list! I recently finished my first audiobook, a memoir written by the author, and think I might stick with non-fiction for now. I worry with fiction that I’ll get lost just hearing the audio. But no better way to try than with a free book!

    1. That’s a good approach! Start with a genre that works for you, and maybe you can get a short Fiction audio through Kindle Unlimited some time and see how it goes 🙂

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