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WlW BDSM Romance: Games We Play

Games We Play by Cynthia Dane / Hildred Billings was everything I had hoped for. It had the intricate, epic storyline that I loved the first time I read a book by this author. And it was ridiculously hot!

I don’t read BDSM very often because many stories are either bordering on abuse or feel too clinical for my taste. Games We Play was sexy and playful and just perfectly in the middle, neither detached nor questionable.

I received a free copy of this audiobook from the narrator. Thank you, Stephanie! It was my decision to review it.


Games We Play**

written by Cynthia Dane and Hildred Billings, narrated by Stephanie Murphy

The first book I have read by this author was Bad Girl Love. There are several parallels and I can say that I enjoy this recipe. Leah and Sloan from Games We Play both have to deal with serious baggage and have secrets. This is a longer audiobook that ran like a movie in my head. The personalities were so well described and felt real and 3-dimensional. The author provided enough details for me to be able to picture everything, but not too much to get boring or disturb the way I imagined the people and settings.

BDSM Romance

I liked the match between Leah, a sweet young woman who secretly desires to be tied up and spanked, and Sloan, the rich older woman who enjoys to casually tie up women.

BDSM lifestyle is a central topic of the story and how it can be lived in a healthy way. I have no idea whether actual BDSM’ers would approve of this novel. But as a casual BDSM reader, I liked how the characters talked about their sexual desires and worked on themselves and their relationship.

Small Point of Criticism

One thing I noticed and that bummed me out a bit is that there is no place for bisexuals in this lesbian Romance. This isn’t the first book or first author where I stumbled over this. I would even dare say that it’s common in lesbian Romance and it’s something I expect to some degree. Considering the “Gay for You” M/M trope, it seems like a central part of the love in LG(not BT) Romance is that you commit to one gender. But I’ll be the last one to question anyone’s sexuality. And if Leah and Sloan identify as lesbians despite their times with men, it’s all fair. I just wish that there was more room for bi’s in Romance novels.


Stephanie Murphy is one of my favorite narrators and she filled Leah and Sloan with so much life. I love her voice and narration style. It was a lot of fun to listen and easy to follow the storyline and dialogue.


If you enjoy longer Romance novels with fleshed-out characters, and if you like it a bit spicy, I’m sure you’ll enjoy Games We Play. The ebook is in Kindle Unlimited and as a subscriber, you can buy the audiobook for a reduced price on Amazon (learn more about Whispersync deals).

Pick it up on Amazon**

Games We Play is also on the list of my favorite Lesbian audiobooks!

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