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F/F Fantasy Romance: Goblin Fires

A Goblin Warrior in love with the Sidhe princess she’s supposed to protect? Yeah, I was instantly intrigued by Goblin Fires!

I simply loved Reagan, the Goblin warrior, who is tortured by her unrequited love, and how fast-paced and full of action this book was. It’s also an interesting connection between the Fae world and Urban Fantasy.

Goblin Fires **

(The Chronicles of the Four Courts, book 1)

written by Brantwijn Serrah, narrated by Domino Lane


Goblins and Sidhe

While I enjoy Fantasy Romance quite a lot, this was my first time with a Goblin. And Reagan was definitely everything I had hoped for. Tortured, protective, wild, caring.

She’s the bodyguard you want to read about in your Romance!

The concept of the Sidhe courts was similar to what I knew and it was very nicely done. As were the Morrigan and her Children of War. I absolutely loved the history of the Goblins!

Fantasy with Urban Fantasy elements

We start out in our world where Reagan, Ceridwen, and a few other fae princesses and their warriors live. But we also cross over to their world.

Unlike most Urban Fantasy, the tone in Goblin Fires reminds me more of High Fantasy. The Goblins are servants to the Sidhe and very respectful.

Nevertheless, there are tons of sexy times! (Since some people mind this, I should add that Reagan sleeps with other women.)

The story arc of the Romance finishes by the end of this book. But there is an overarching storyline concerning a mystery Reagan is investigating that will continue in the next book.

I hadn't always been so reserved when it came to Ceridwen. When we were children I held nothing back. I fancied myself her Prince Charming. Her paladin. Her beloved companion. Click to Tweet


Domino Lane was new to me. Her accent works perfectly with the setting. I liked her strong voice that fits so perfectly with the way I picture Reagan.

It was easy to follow her narration and keep the different characters apart.


If you enjoy lesbian Fantasy Romance audiobooks, I’m sure you’ll have a great time with Goblin Fires. It’s a sexy, romantic, fast-paced story full of action and mystery.

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I received a free copy of Goblin Fires from the author. Thank you so much, Brantwijn! I really enjoyed your book 🙂

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