Hot as Puck (Bad Motherpuckers 1)

by Lili Valente

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Hot as Puck by Lili Valente

This was my first Lili Valente book and I picked it up despite the cover image and that it’s calling itself a rom-com. And I’m glad I did! The cover really isn’t my taste, no judgment if it is yours though! The story is of course more or less fluff, but it is really really good at that. If you’re looking for a sexy entertaining story without all the drama and heartbreak, but absolutely fantastic bedroom scenes, then this is for you.

Firstly, we have Justin, ice hockey superstar and type “sensitive jock” (he knows his way around a crochet hook). I found him thoroughly likable, his thoughts and feelings sound real and honest. Tyler Donne does a fantastic narration for Justin, I loved the sound of his voice (might be my favorite male narrator at this point) and his intonation and voices are great.

Now, Justin has this childhood friend, Libby, who approaches him to help her become more of a sexual creature. At 25 she has very little experience,  though she hasn’t told anyone that she is actually virginally inexperienced. Summer Roberts portrays Libby so well and gives the character a lot of additional depth. Her narration is top-notch!

I particularly liked the text message chapter with both narrators, Summer Roberts reading Libby’s texts, Tyler Donne reading Justin’s texts. They went the extra mile there.

As for the sex scenes…. Well…. a lot of romance authors write good bedroom action. But only few are so good at it that the scenes have meaning and depth and get to you on an emotional level without a lot of underlying drama. Lili Valente is one of the really good ones!



5 out of 5 “love tulip” stars



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The narrators are absolutely fantastic!


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