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Let’s Discuss: Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon

This is really just a for-fun-post. Ice Planet Barbarians is a very entertaining series and I’ve already recommended it several times. But it lends itself so well to a discussion about female fantasies and what we expect from men.

So, bear with me and please take this mostly as entertainment!

Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon

For a long time, I resisted the lure of the Ice Planet Barbarians.

While I love my Star Trek like the next girl, Sci-Fi is a genre I strongly prefer on the screen. And blue guys? Meh…

I haven’t cared for blue dick since Watchmen.

But maybe you know this situation as an avid reader. A book just keeps crossing your path. And one day, you simply give in and want to know what all the fuss is about.

And that’s what I did. I wanted to see for myself so I invited the tiny green men big blue men onto my phone and into my Audible app.

Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon (audiobook cover)

The Blue Man: A Female Fantasy

Now, after a pretty dark start, what amused me more than anything was how this book series goes above and beyond to cater to common female fantasies.

  1. The alien men are huge and muscular.
  2. Their man-parts resemble those special vibrators with the second appendage for extra stimulation (back or front, depending on position).
  3. Since Ice Planet Barbarians have nothing else but hunting, all they really want in life is a partner and children. They’d do anything for them!


Ice Planet Life: A Feminist Issue?

I wonder where Ruby Dixon stands on feminist issues. Because it’s somehow really difficult to tell from the books I read.

On one hand, the heroines are pretty badass. Being abducted by aliens, ending up on a hostile snow-covered planet… That’s stuff my nightmares are made of. But they persevered. And more than that even. They saved others, too!

These are seriously amazing heroines.

The men, on the other hand, have absolutely nothing in their lives other than the hope that one day they will find their mate. The only thing that would make them truly happy and fulfilled is to have a family. All they want is to please their woman.

That is very on-the-nose, isn’t it?

I wonder if, at some point, those badass ladies will get a kind of cabin fever, sitting there in the snow / cave, with nothing to do but having sex all day.

I dunno… it sounds like one of those things that’s fun for the first 6 months.

But after that? Wouldn’t you want to talk to someone else than the 20 guys and 16 women you share the Ice Planet with?

Even going out and hunting might get boring if there’s absolutely nothing else to do. Well, apart from sewing your own clothes from leather back in the home cave.

After looking at the titles and covers of the rest of the series, it looks to me like we aren’t leaving the Ice Planet though. Ever. ?


That being said, I was really thoroughly entertained by the first two books in this series. If you feel like adventure and lots of sexy times, grab them. This isn’t hard Sci-Fi by any stretch of the imagination. If you like Fantasy, I’m sure you will like this, too. The ice planet is really just like a different realm.

Give it a go, if only for the extra thingy above their dicks ?

Book 1 and 2 of the Ice Planet Barbarians are in Audible escape and narrated by the very amazing Holly Jackson and Mason Lloyd. All 20 ebooks of the original series and spin-off series are in Kindle Unlimited with audio upgrades.

Add them to your library**

Have fun! ?

(… and then come back and discuss ice planet life with me!)

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