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Junk Mail by Kendall Ryan

Text or online love is one of my very favorite genres. So, I was really excited to listen to Junk Mail, the newest release by Kendall Ryan.

Audiobook and ebook were released on the 23rd of April.


Junk Mail
written by Kendall Ryan, narrated by Joe Arden and Savannah Peachwood

Publisher’s Summary

It all started with a sexy selfie.

Texted to the wrong number. 


Not my finest moment – but I have nothing to be ashamed of. 

She thought I was no better, and I quote, than the knuckle-dragging douchebags she was never dating again.

It was a stupid dare from a girl I’d met online, but since she’d given me a fake number, I didn’t feel bad that my interests were suddenly focused elsewhere – on the fiery and sharp-tongued Peyton that I found myself sparring with over text for the rest of the evening. 

The following day, my case of mistaken identity came back to bite me in the banana.

When I strolled into the office, I was introduced to Peyton as the new client I needed to win over. The Peyton, in case you’re not tracking. 

And let’s just say she had my full attention. 

Brains? Check.

Beauty? Oh yeah.

And the best part? She hated me on sight. 

Dear God, do I love a challenge. 

Let the games begin. 

Includes a special scene from The Hookup Handbook at the very end read by Jason Clarke!


Junk Mail is a light and fun contemporary romance. I enjoyed the story. But, as I said in the beginning, I’m a big fan of unknown identity online/text love. So I was pretty disappointed that the situation from the blurb was resolved very quickly. I would have liked, had there been more contact through texts first before the two meet in real life.

The story is relatively short and conflicts are mostly resolved painlessly. Except for “the big one”. Overall, the characters are super likabl.


Joe Arden and Savannah Peachwood are among the absolute top tier of romance narrators. And this production was everything you’d expect from them. They both have such incredibly beautiful voices. And of course, their intonations are always absolutely on point.


If you’re looking for a light, fun romance, I’m sure you’ll enjoy Junk Mail by Kendall Ryan. And with the two amazing narrators, it’s definitely a pleasure to listen!

If you buy the audiobook together with the ebook on Amazon, you can get it for less than $12!

Pick up Junk Mail**

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