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Lesbian Fairytale: Thief of Hearts

Thief of Hearts is a beautiful lesbian fairytale Fantasy Romance about a thief and her blackbird girl.

It’s short and fast-paced. And it has everything you’d wish for in a fairytale, including a witch with a bad reputation, magic, someone being locked into a tower, and a talking dead horse.


Thief of Hearts

written by Bridget Essex, narrated by Stephanie Murphy

Bridget Essex is a go-to author for me when I feel like some Paranormal or Fantasy Romance with the ladies. Thief of Hearts takes it a small step further. There actually aren’t any men!

This might sound weird. But it was fun, because I felt it changed the dynamic for the main character Envy and for her love story. There were no concerns about coming out or explaining herself, because everybody loves the ladies!

And another thing this story did a bit differently: During the entire time of the romance developing, there were no supporting characters to nudge the two main characters in the right direction or cause conflict. It was just between the two of them.

That was beautiful and gave the story such a nice flow.

The Story

Envy is a fantastic thief. Until she isn’t. She gets caught and is thrown into an enchanted prison tower where she’s all alone and would starve to death. Until a woman shows up out of nowhere. And while she can’t save her from the tower, she can provide company and food…

Quote: I thought of magic as something high and lofty. Not a pursuit of the common folk. And I was terribly common. Click to Tweet

The Narration

I love Stephanie Murphy‘s narrations. She has a fantastic voice and absolutely captivates me while narrating. Her intonations and voices are always perfect and on point.

This audiobook was kindly provided by Stephanie Murphy. Thank you for this! I was very happy we got in touch after my review of Telling Lies Online.


Thief of Hearts is magical and gets all my recommendations. This lesbian fairytale Fantasy Romance is a must-read and has to go to the top of your Pride Month TBR!

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