Mini Reviews: Unreasonable Christmas

… or: A bag of mixed feelings

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The Feeling of kind of enjoying a book but not really loving it and you can kind of pinpoint what you didn’t like but it was also kind of good and you don’t regret having read it but it’s also just not your favourite…. you know?!

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Understudy by Cheyanne Young

What is it about? This is a super sweet YA Romance about a girl who’s taking part in a school play and the guy she thinks might be a bad boy.

What did I like? The storyline was entertaining and overall the characters were likable. The narrator was very well suited with her young-ish voice. Stacey Glemboski can do the full on defiant and pouty, but can also sound vulnerable and nice. She has a great range of different voices and perfect intonations.

What did I like less? Nothing really. I liked this book and I had a good time listening. It just didn’t feel particularly exciting to me. But I believe that is down to my age.

Who would enjoy it? This was fun to listen to and I definitely recommend it for teens who like Romance, but especially for those interested in theatre. I used to be in plays in school so that was a nice aspect of the book.

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Reasonable Doubt by Whitney G.

What is it about? A man-whore lawyer develops a crush on his best friend who he only talks to online and has never seen.

What did I like? It was an entertaining story with fantastic narrators. Let’s face it, Sebastian York and Erin Mallon could narrate the phone book and we’d be entertained.

What did I like less? The guy is not very likable. He’s kind of sleezy and extremely broody and just a jerkface. The way he picks up women is icky. I also didn’t like how the women always seemed to get disappointed. Yes, he was upfront. But somehow it just shouldn’t have been like this. I didn’t think there really was an excuse for his behaviour towards women.

Who would enjoy it? This is not a bad choice when you’re looking for a lawyer or online Romance. It’s just also not a super awesome choice. But that might just be me. I didn’t really feel it even though I was very much looking forward to an online romance story.

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The Heart of Christmas by Brenda Novak

What is it about? Small town, woman running the local inn, stranger coming into town, one-night-stand turning into more…

What did I like? In many regards this story surprised me. It was much darker (not dark-dark, but also not fluffy) and more solemn than I expected. It’s definitely not just a small town Christmas story. It had a lot of depth and the characters were interesting.

What did I like less? This isn’t really a Christmas romance and that was disappointing. Other than that it was the time of year, it wasn’t much of a topic. I also can’t say that I liked the people we met who were obviously from previous parts of the series. I have absolutely no motivation to read more Whiskey Creek stories because I already know now that people have secrets they keep from “the love of their life”. So the happily ever afters in Whiskey Creek aren’t all that happy.

Who would enjoy it? I think if you like very gritty love stories you’d enjoy this. it’s a captivating story line, it just didn’t leave me with a particularly warm and fuzzy feeling despite the happy ending. Mostly because the main protagonists of this series are weird people.

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12 thoughts on “Mini Reviews: Unreasonable Christmas

  1. I love these mini reviews. They give a little synopsis and opinion about each book without giving too much away. I think I’d enjoy the YA novel, Understudy.

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