Mini reviews: Kindle Unlimited Fantasy audiobooks

The Fantasy series edition

Today’s theme for the mini reviews is: Series I listened to in Kindle Unlimited that are a little bit different from my usual reads.

Lovely Audiobooks Mini Reviews


Servants of Fate

What is it about? Set in a dystopian future, we get to know various humans, some normal, some with the secret job to ferry the dead into the Afterlife, and the Kere, who mark people for death. It’s in so far a typical Romance format as we see two people fall in love in each book. But there’s also an ongoing story arc in the world, making each part a bit more dramatic and the stakes higher than in the previous.

What’s special about it? I found the dystopian setting very intriguing and well done. And yet, it also has the elements of a real Romance: The hopefulness and the sex. There’s a lot of creativity in the world building and Sarah Fine is an absolute go-to author when looking for new and different SF/F concepts. She has more books in Kindle Unlimited. I’ve listened to the Reliquary of Souls** series and the Guards of the Shadowlands** series and can absolutely recommend those as well. They are both a bit less romantic and also less smutty than this one, but just as unique and captivating.

All three parts of this series are “read and listen for free” in Kindle Unlimited:
Servants of Fate**

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Harmony Black

What is it about?Β Harmony Black is a witch and an FBI agent and joins a black ops team for supernatural investigations.

What’s special about it? This series is all around entertaining. If you like Urban Fantasy and crime stories you should definitely give it a go. There’s also a whole lot of conspiracy going on. At times it was a little too creepy for my taste, but I’m a real wimp in that regard. I particularly liked Harmony’s FBI partner, Jessie Temple, who’s a lesbian werewolf and often feels like the main character. This might be an insanely unpopular opinion (at least it’s unpopular with me), but I could identify so much better with Jessie who was written by a male author than with many other lesbian characters written by women. I felt she thought like me and she often made me smirk. Maybe my little review will inspire one of my lesbian readers to check this series and tell me what you think of it. I want to know!

By the way, this is a spin-off to the Daniel Faust** series and contains major spoilers.

All four parts of this series are “read and listen for free” in Kindle Unlimited:
Harmony Black**

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Rogues of the Republic

What is it about? This is a Fantasy series I’ve recommended to many people I used to game with. It’s a very typical fantasy set-up with a party on a quest. More specifically, you’ve got your rogue, mage, tinker, warrior, death priestess and a talking warhammer on a heist.

What’s so special about it? There are a lot of twists and tweaks to it that make this a very modern, relevant series. For one, the party leader is a woman of color. And her skin color and that of her friend are a topic many times. And, as far as I can tell, the problems people of color face are portrayed pretty well here, even though the author is white. Going by his Twitter feed, he’s very outspoken about diversity.

Secondly, even though the series is a few years old, you would think it’s a commentary on the current political scene. The way the political system works and the politicians act is pretty blatant criticism. But in its contrast to all the jokes and the lighter tones the series gains so much depth and relevance. “Remember, everyone. It’s your republic. Stay informed!”

It’s an insanely entertaining series that does pretty much everything right while being absolutely funny and charming.

Now, a word of warning. When I forced my husband to listen to this, he had the same issue I had. The first chapters drag and the narrator doesn’t sound very likeable. In retrospect, they are good and necessary the way they are. But when you fist start with this series, you might be tempted to give up on it again. We both found it difficult to get into it, understand the world and find the main character likeable. DON’T GIVE UP!

My husband believed me and once he was further into book 1 he told me he started to like it a lot. A little while later, he loved the series as much as I did, and as much as I told him he would. Anyone who enjoys Fantasy, anyone who ever did RPG’s of any kind, will love this series. IT IS AWESOME! Please give it a chance. And remember to push your way through the first couple of chapters. They’re very bleak, but they are necessary to set the scene and you will love this series later on. I promise.

All three parts of this series are “read and listen for free” in Kindle Unlimited:
Rogues of the Republic**

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15 thoughts on “Mini reviews: Kindle Unlimited Fantasy audiobooks

  1. Great post and great list of books I am really intrigued and curious about Rogues of the Republic series this series looks and sounds absolutely amazing fantastic and right up my alley. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome post and for putting some book series on my radar.

    1. I didn’t write much about it since that would easily get spoiler-y, but I enjoyed it so much. I rarely read male authors and I was super critical how it would turn out with a female lead and her lesbian partner. But… it was awesome. Give it a try πŸ™‚

    2. It’s a finished series. It’s those four parts with a case in each book plus one overarching storyline that’s getting wrapped up in the last part.

  2. Fine! I will give it a try haha like you said things that are true and that is why I picked it up haha and gave up on it for the narrator… but let me try again in a few days haha I am putting my faith in your hands haha

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