Mister Moneybags

by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward
narrated by Andi Arndt and Sebastian York

Mister Moneybags by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward

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Mister Moneybags is basically a collection of more or less unpopular story themes, wrapped up in a pretty well crafted package. It is definitely not what you’d expect based on the funny title and the sexy cover.

Less unpopular theme and first half of the book: Mistaken Identity and online romance

Mistaken Identity stories are generally not my favourite. I think I just don’t have the patience for those situations when you want to shake the character and yell at them: “Look at this mess! Seriously, wtf?!” Or at the duped character: “Can’t you see the obvious??” Millionaire Dex spins himself so deeply into a web of lies, it seems a bit silly. But then again, he also creates a person journalist Bianca would be attracted to.

It is a very interesting take on the whole online dating thing. Oftentimes, the problem seems to be that we like to read more into what a chat partner writes than what is actually there. This way we create a perfect and alluring version of that person in our head. In this book, it’s the other way around. The version of Dex Bianca meets first in real life is actually the fantasy. At the same time she gets to know the real Dex only online in chats.

And those chats actually got me. In little more than the words they typed, you can feel all their many thoughts, doubts and emotions. Andi Arndt managed to read those scenes in a way that made me feel almost melancholic with the characters and the repetition of names never got distracting and annoying.

Had this storyline of lies and tricks been wrapped up and the book ended with Dex and Bianca getting their HEA, I would have been very happy indeed. Unfortunately, at this point, things haven’t even really unfolded yet!

More unpopular theme and second half of the book:

SPOILER (and theme warning)

The big obstacle our hero and heroine have to overcome is the question whether they are siblings. This is also not a short scare but is instead developed over many chapters. There is really absolutely nothing sexy or romantic about the question if your relationship could “survive” a blood relation. So I was quite unhappy about this turn of events.


That being said, Andi Arndt does an outstanding job as narrator for Bianca. Regardless of how far-fetched and overly dramatic the situations were, she delivered the characters’ feelings in a way that made me empathize even though I felt so taken aback by the story’s dramatic revelations.


2 out of 5 stars
Initially, the book is pretty sexy. But then things happen that are just a big no-no for me.


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Andi Arndt and Sebastian York. Need I say more?

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