New audiobooks, new Deals and new News #12

Week 51, 2018

Here we are, the last weekly wrap-up before Christmas. I kind of like this feeling of “before” and “after”. It’s never as strong as in this time of year, with Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It feels like being on the brink of a fresh start. A few days of relaxing and enjoying all the amazing food, before we start a new year, trying to do just that little bit better than this year.

What’s new on the blog this week?

Last Monday I started a new category for Lovely Audiobooks: The RecomMondaytion! From now on every Monday I’ll present a new freshly released audiobook that I’m very excited about and that is absolutely credit-worthy in my opinion. Check out the first one: The Sins Duet

I also posted about the Reading Challenges I did this year. After doing some research which ones I want to join in 2019, I found I prefer the more general ones. Reading challenges that are mostly just about reading a certain number of books. I’m a super picky mood reader and challenges like the PopSugar one are too restrictive for me and just not enough fun. These are my 2018 Reading Challenges.

On Tuesday you got a bunch of short reviews for audiobooks in the Audible Romance Package. These were all nice books even though they weren’t absolutely perfect choices for me: Mini Reviews

Yesterday I started a new article series. Maybe you noticed, but not everything in the Romance Package is actually contemporary, paranormal or historical Romance. There is even a number of audiobooks that are arguably not romance at all (which, by the way, is a good thing because it means you get more choice for your subscription fee)! Check out part 1 of other genres in the Romance Package.

The Facebook Group

Our absolutely amazing wonderful and very fantastic Facebook group found its 500th member last week. We’re actually already at 550 now! I’m so happy to see how this little group that Nicole and I started on a whim one night keeps growing, how sweet everyone is and how it’s not just entertaining but also useful. I know many a member – me included – have found new favourites based on the recommendations in this group.

Romance Audiobook Binge – Facebook Group

What I’m currently reading…

I’m almost done with my first Tijan book, Hate to Love You**. At first, I thought this wasn’t really for me. Too teenaged. But Tijan is really amazing and the story is absolutely captivating!

Before that, I listened to The Shark and I** by Cara Lockwood. Total recommendation! The heroine is 40 with two kids and tries to get back into dating. It’s a bit of a rom-com and absolutely wonderful. Both of these books are in the Romance Package**.

Audiobook deals under $10 in December 2018 on Audible

New releases

Kindle deals can slightly differ between local Amazon websites. The lists are based on If you live in Canada or the UK, you will automatically be send to your local Amazon. Please don’t be disappointed if your site has slightly different prices. Sometimes, an American free listen might cost a little elsewhere. But some of the “under $10 deals” might in turn be cheaper on your Amazon. You can only get Kindle deals on your local Amazon website.

**The book covers and links below are Amazon affiliate links. If you use them to purchase something, I receive a small fee at no additional cost for you. **

New Kindle Unlimited “Read and Listen for Free”:

The Frame-Up: The Golden Arrow Mysteries Series, Book 1
Meghan Scott Molin (Author), Andrea Emmes (Narrator)
Read and Listen for Free**

Kindle Unlimited ebooks with Audio Upgrades under $10:

Hell is a Harem: Hell is a Harem Series, Book 2
Kim Faulks (Author), Alex Kydd (Narrator), Lauren Sweet (Narrator)
Cheap Whispersync deal**
The Gentleman Physician: A Regency Romance: Branches of Love Series, Book 2
Sally Britton (Author), Rachael Beresford (Narrator)
Cheap Whispersync deal**
Sea of Darkness: The Vampire Pirate Saga, Book 1
Isadora Brown (Author), Rebecca Hamilton (Author), Angela Dawe (Narrator)
Cheap Whispersync deal**
Emerge: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance: Hosting Gods Series, Book 1
Lena Mae Hill (Author), Brandon Utah (Narrator), Stephanie Wyles (Narrator)
Cheap Whispersync deal**
The Dancer: Men of the North Series, Book 7
Elin Peer (Author), Noelle Bridges (Narrator), John Masterson (Narrator)
Cheap Whispersync deal**
Shift: Savage Disciples MC Series, Book 2
Drew Elyse (Author), Troy Duran (Narrator), Stephanie Wyles (Narrator)
Cheap Whispersync deal**
Born Again Sinner
Daryl Banner (Author), Chris Chambers (Narrator), Sean Crisden (Narrator)
Cheap Whispersync deal**
A Royally Beautiful Mess: Crowns & Courtships Series, Book 3
Carol Moncado (Author), Sarah Zimmerman (Narrator)
Cheap Whispersync deal**

Audiobooks under $10:

Consumed by You
Lauren Blakely (Author), Joe Arden (Narrator), Erin Mallon (Narrator)
Cheap Ebook + Audiobook deal**
Hate 2 Lovers
K. Webster (Author), J.D. Hollyfield (Author), Jacob Morgan (Narrator), Ava Erickson (Narrator)
Cheap Ebook + Audiobook deal**
Lost With Me
J. Kenner (Author), Sofia Willingham (Narrator)
Cheap Ebook + Audiobook deal**
Brothers: A Slater Brothers Novel
L. A. Casey (Author), Jason Clarke (Narrator)
Cheap Ebook + Audiobook deal**
The King’s Men: All For the Game Series, Book 3
Nora Sakavic (Author), Alexander Cendese (Narrator)
Cheap Ebook + Audiobook deal**
With the Jarl’s Blessing: A Yuletide Tale
Ki Brightly (Author), Clive Johnson (Narrator)
Cheap Audiobook**

Happy listening!

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7 thoughts on “New audiobooks, new Deals and new News #12

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a great week. Congrats on hitting 500. I that fresh start feeling this time of year too.

  2. I just saw a blog post from someone who managed to complete the Pop Sugar challenge this year… and I was impressed. Like you, I’m a 100% mood reader and the PS challenge is way to restrictive for me. 2018 is the first year in quite a while that I eschewed all challenges (other than the usual GoodReads goal/challenge) and I had a happier, more relaxed reading year for it. 🙂

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

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