New Audiobooks, new Deals and new News #19

Week 7, 2019

As I am writing this (no, that’s not true, because I have a really crappy attention span, so, more accurately, before and after I am writing this) I’m listening to an absolutely fantastic audiobook.

I am extremely excited to review it and will do so on Sunday.

It will be… the lovely triangle of love triangles!

I didn’t expect to just blindly stumble into another book that’s so similar to two of my favorites. (Similar in a good way, not in an “I’ve read this before”-way.) So, yes, excited!

Anyway, let’s get on with it…

Lovely Audiobooks Friday series: New Audiobooks, new Deals and new News!

The Week on the Blog

You can find a list of all the free audiobooks that were added to your Kindle Unlimited or Romance Package subscription in January here: New free Romance Audiobooks in January 2019

The RecomMondaytion was A Nordic King, the new audiobook by Karina Halle, which also has a Whispersync deal now. So you’ll find it below in the list as well!

On Wednesday I posted a kind of guide… thing… In the time I’ve had this blog, other bloggers and fellow readers have regularly told me that they couldn’t listen to audiobooks. Their reasons pretty much always came down to losing focus and not being able to follow the story.

Sometimes I gave a short run-down of what I think people could do if they really wanted to get into audiobooks. And I finally turned this into a proper post that you can share with the people in your life who keep telling you that it’s so cool that you listen to so many audiobooks, but that the format just isn’t for them 😉 How to listen to audiobooks when you struggle with the format…

Lastly, my Pinterest guide for book bloggers also got an update this week.

**The marked book links and covers on this page are Amazon affiliate links. If you use them to purchase something, I receive a small fee at no additional cost for you. Thank you for supporting my blog! **

Kindle deals can slightly differ between international Amazon websites. The lists are based on If you live elsewhere, you might be sent to your local Amazon. Please don’t be disappointed if your site has different prices. Sometimes, an American free listen might cost a little elsewhere, while other deals might, in turn, be cheaper on your Amazon. You can only get Kindle deals on your local Amazon website.

New Listen for Free Kindle Unlimited audiobooks:

Heidi: The Fairer Sex Collection
Michelle Miller (Author), Alexander Cendese (Narrator), Simon Mattacks (Narrator), Samara Naeymi (Narrator)
Read and Listen for Free**
The Governess: Wicked Wallflowers, Book 3
Christi Caldwell (Author), Tim Campbell (Narrator)
Read and Listen for Free**

Cheap Audiobook deals under $7:

I Bet You
Ilsa Madden-Mills (Author), Stella Bloom (Narrator), Mason Lloyd (Narrator)
Super cheap audio upgrade**
Even cheaper with KU!
Compromising the Billionaire
Ivy Layne (Author), CJ Bloom (Narrator), Beckett Graylock (Narrator)
Super cheap audio upgrade**
Even cheaper with KU!
Son of Kong: Sons of Beasts, Book 2
T. S. Joyce (Author), Alice Sherman (Narrator)
Super cheap audio upgrade**
Even cheaper with KU!
Maris Black (Author), J.F. Harding (Narrator)
Super cheap audio upgrade**
Santori Reborn
Maris Black (Author), J.F. Harding (Narrator)
Super cheap audio upgrade**
Third Strike
BJ Harvey (Author), Zachary Webber (Narrator), Virginia Rose (Narrator)
Super cheap audio upgrade**

Kindle Unlimited ebooks with $8 Audio Upgrades:

A Nordic King
Karina Halle (Author), Stephanie Wyles (Narrator), Jeremy York (Narrator)
Cheap audio upgrade**
Baby Fever Promise: A Billionaire Romance: Baby Fever Love Series, Book 2
Nicole Snow (Author), Shirl Rae (Narrator), Christopher Slye (Narrator)
Cheap audio upgrade**
Real Men Growl: Real Men Shift Series, Book 3
Celia Kyle (Author), Marina Maddix (Author), Kendall Taylor (Narrator)
Cheap audio upgrade**
Blinded: A Second Chance Love Story: Elkridge Series, Book 1
Lyz Kelley (Author), Meghan Kelly (Narrator)
Cheap audio upgrade**
Incumbent: Prescott Series, Volume 1
Joanne Schwehm (Author, Publisher), Tracy Marks (Narrator)
Cheap audio upgrade**

And if you didn’t have enough cheap romance audiobooks yet… You can currently sign up for the Audible Romance Package at a reduced price!

Happy listening!

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