New Audiobooks, new Deals and new News #21

Week 9, 2019

Oh yes, it’s the season. The season for head colds and all kinds of nasty little bugs.

The daughter unit and I have been struggling. But I hope you’re all happy and healthy all the livelong day out there 😉

Lovely Audiobooks Friday series: New Audiobooks, new Deals and new News!

The Week on the Blog

It’s been a bit of a slow week on the blog, only 2 posts and not my usual 3. I’ve been very busy with behind-the-scenes stuff and have some – I think – cool posts coming up.

I’ve been a bit more active with Kindle Unlimited again. So on Sunday, I gave you my Top 5 Contemporary Romances that you can listen to for free with KU. When I posted this list in our FB group Romance Audiobook Binge I got a bunch of awesome recommendations from other members that I’ve already downloaded. Thank you for those <3

On Tuesday, I posted a full series review of one of my absolute favorite Urban Fantasy stories: Half-Breed by Debra Dunbar. The series has ended and is all out on audio, with book 1 and 2 in the Audible Romance Package. You should absolutely give this series a try if you like steamy Romance and don’t mind a bit of paranormal or fantasy.

What I’ve been listening to…

I just finished an audiobook that will be the next RecomMondaytion (there’ll be a review with that one). It was my first ever M/M and my first ever historical Romance. It was also paranormal and it absolutely blew me away! Take a peek at it: Salt Magic Skin Magic**

I’m currently listening to #Awestruck** which is Read & Listen for Free with Kindle Unlimited. From what I can tell so far, it’s a bit marriage of convenience, a bit enemies-to-lovers, and a lot of wholesome Sports Romance 😀

My next audiobook will probably be Hoodwinked**. I just can’t pass on a demon story, haha!

**The marked book links and covers on this page are Amazon affiliate links. If you use them to purchase something, I receive a small fee at no additional cost for you. Thank you for supporting my blog! **

Here are this week’s audiobook deals under $7:

All of these audiobook deals refer to picking up the ebook together with the audiobook. Buying the audiobook by itself or getting it for an Audible credit actually costs a whole lot more! If you have Kindle Unlimited, you don’t even have to pay for some of these ebooks. You can simply buy the audio upgrade when using KU’s “Read for Free” button. All of these ebook and audiobook package deals cost less than $7 in total, even without a KU subscription.

Tumble: Dogwood Lane, Book 1
Adriana Locke (Author), Aiden Snow (Narrator), Summer Morton (Narrator)
Buy the cheap deal or listen for free with KU **

Heart of Mine: Colorado Hearts Series, Book 3
Caroline Fyffe (Author), Scott Merriman (Narrator)
Buy the cheap deal or listen for free with KU **

The Boy Next Door
Ella James (Author), J.F. Harding (Narrator), Aubrey Vincent (Narrator)
Get the super cheap audiobook **
With KU only $1.99

Fractured Love
Ella James (Author), J.F. Harding (Narrator), Aubrey Vincent (Narrator)
Get the super cheap audiobook **
With KU only $1.99

Crown Jewels
Ella James (Author), J.F. Harding (Narrator), Aubrey Vincent (Narrator)
Get the super cheap audiobook**
With KU only $1.99

His to Protect: A Bodyguard Bad Boys/Masters and Mercenaries Novella
Carly Phillips (Author), Sophie Eastlake (Narrator)
Get the super cheap audiobook**

The High Price of Desire
Shauna Davis (Author), S. Johnson (Narrator)
Get the super cheap audiobook**

Awesome Whispersync deals we’ve been waiting for:

Hotshot Doc
R.S. Grey (Author), Lee Samuels (Narrator), Aubrey Vincent (Narrator)
Whispersync Deal

IRL: In Real Life: After Oscar, Book 1
Lucy Lennox (Author), Molly Maddox (Author), Michael Pauley (Narrator)
Whispersync Deal

Kindle deals can slightly differ between international Amazon websites. The lists are based on If you live elsewhere, you might be sent to your local Amazon. Please don’t be disappointed if your site has different prices. Sometimes, an American free listen might cost a little elsewhere, while other deals might, in turn, be cheaper on your Amazon. You can only get Kindle deals on your local Amazon website.

Happy listening!

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