New audiobooks in KU and new deals #5

Week 44, 2018

This week we’ve got two great new “Read and Listen for Free” releases and a very hunky MC Romance series in a super cheap Whispersync deal.

Sadly, there are no new Romance Package additions. You can visit this Audible site to check what’s been added recently-ish: New in the Romance Package.
If you don’t have a subscription yet, get your free Romance Package test month**. Or check my guide on how to sign up to it first. While there might not be any very new additions, there are still over 10.000 audiobooks in the package. That’s a whole lot of listening 😀

Also, did you enter the Lovely Audiobooks November giveaway yet? It’s super easy to enter and you can win an audiobook of your choice!

Now, aren’t these guys just super hot? I thought they deserved their very own graphic. I rarely care much for covers. But these… damn…

Reckless Bastards MC Romance audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited with super cheap Whispersync deal


Kindle Unlimited deals can slightly differ between local Amazon websites. The lists are based on If you live in Canada or the UK, you will automatically be send to your local Amazon. Please don’t be disappointed if your site has slightly different prices. Sometimes, an American free listen might cost a little elsewhere. But some of the “under $10 deals” might in turn be cheaper on your Amazon 🙂 You can only get Kindle deals on your local Amazon website.

New “Read and Listen for Free” audiobooks in KU:

(Click on the picture to find the audiobook on Amazon. I use affiliate links that cost you nothing extra.)

Dangerous Exes: Liars, Inc. Series, Book 2
by Rachel Van Dyken (Author), Lucy Rivers (Narrator) and Teddy Hamilton (Narrator)
[Book 1 is also a “read and listen for free”]
Listen for free!**
The Memory of You: Sanctuary Sound Series, Book 1
by Jamie Beck (Author) and Dara Rosenberg (Narrator)
Listen for free!**


New Whispersync deals for KU ebooks:

(Click on the picture to find the audiobook on Amazon. I use affiliate links that cost you nothing extra.)

Beautifully Broken (Reckless Bastards MC Book 1)
K B Winters (Author), James Larceny (Narrator) and Summer Morton (Narrator)
Supercheap Whispersync upgrade!**
Sinfully Scarred (Reckless Bastards MC Book 2)
KB Winters (Author), Lynn Barrington (Narrator) and Noel Harrison (Narrator)
Supercheap Whispersync upgrade!**
Deliciously Damaged (Reckless Bastards MC Book 3)
KB Winters (Author), Victoria Mei (Narrator) and Mason Lloyd (Narrator)
Supercheap Whispersync upgrade!**
Wonderfully Wrecked (Reckless Bastards MC Book 4)
K B Winters (Author), Thalia Badeaux (Narrator) and Lee Samuels (Narrator)
Supercheap Whispersync upgrade!**
Heavenly Hacked (Reckless Bastards MC Book 5)
KB Winters (Author), Callie Dalton (Narrator) and Josh Goodman (Narrator)
Whispersync Upgrade under $10**
A Lethal Love: Stonewall Investigations, Book 2
Max Walker (Author) and Greg Boudreaux (Narrator)
Whispersync Upgrade under $10**
Trusting Cade: Custos Securities, Book 1
Luna David (Author) and Tristan James (Narrator)
Whispersync Upgrade under $10**
A Life of Shadows: Redemption Saga Series, Book 1
Kristen Banet (Author) and Lucy Rivers (Narrator)
Whispersync Upgrade under $10**
Good Nights: A Love Again Novel, Book 2
Heather Grace Stewart (Author), Gary Furlong (Narrator) and Veronica Worthington (Narrator)
Whispersync Upgrade under $10**
We Both Can’t Be Bae, Volume 1
Twyla T (Author) and Cheryl May (Narrator)
Whispersync Upgrade under $10**
The Sexpert
JA Huss (Author), Johnathan McClain (Author), Tad Branson (Narrator) and Anne Pepperidge (Narrator)
Whispersync Upgrade under $10**


New cheap package deals of e-books with Whispersync upgrades (not in KU):

(Click on the picture to find the audiobook on Amazon. I use affiliate links that cost you nothing extra.)

Rescuing Sadie: A Delta Force Heroes/Masters and Mercenaries Novella
Susan Stoker (Author) and Stella Bloom (Narrator)
E-book + Audiobook deal**
Luck of the Draw: Chance of a Lifetime, Book 2
Kate Clayborn (Author), Will Damron (Narrator) and Carly Robins (Narrator)
E-book + Audiobook deal**
Blood Bond: 6: Blood Bond Saga, Book 6
Helen Hardt (Author), John Lane (Narrator) and Lauren Rowe (Narrator)
E-book + Audiobook deal**
The Dryad’s Pawprint: Paranormal Council, Book 1
Laura Greenwood (Author, Publisher) and Sandra Parker (Narrator)
E-book + Audiobook deal**


You don’t have one yet? Get your free Kindle Unlimited test month** now and enjoy these hot new Kindle Unlimited audiobooks and thousands more.

And check my mini reviews of my favourite Kindle Unlimited “read and listen for free” Urban Fantasy series: Click here

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