New audiobooks in KU and new deals #4

Week 43, 2018

This week we’ve got a big bunch of new “Read and Listen for Free” releases, yay! I’m also very pleased that we are slowly getting more diverse Romance audiobooks.

Based on a poll we had in our Facebook group Romance Audiobook Binge, I’ll now also add a section with audiobook deals under $10. Some have an e-book in Kindle Unlimited, some are a good deal if you buy the e-book with the Whispersync upgrade.

Next week I will include new Romance Package** additions again. Have you already checked out last week’s new additions? Click here for new Romance Package additions.

Kindle Unlimited deals can slightly differ between local Amazon websites. The lists are based on If you live in Canada or the UK, you will automatically be send to your local Amazon. Please don’t be disappointed if your local Amazon slightly differs in price. Sometimes, an American free listen might cost a little after all. But some of the “under $10 deals” might in turn be cheaper on your local site πŸ™‚


New Romance audiobook releases in Kindle Unlimited October 2018

New “Read and Listen for Free” audiobooks in KU:

(Click on the picture to find the audiobook on Amazon. I use affiliate links that cost you nothing extra.)


A Brand New Ending: Stay, Book 2
by Jennifer Probst (Author), Erin Bennett (Narrator) and Brian Pallino (Narrator)
Listen for free!**
Promise Me You
by Marina Adair (Author) and Renee Raudman (Narrator)
Listen for free!**
A Year of Extraordinary Moments
by Bette Lee Crosby (Author), Shannon McManus (Narrator) and Eric G. Dove (Narrator)
Listen for free!**
The Last Time We Met
by Carol Mason (Author) and Rachael Beresford (Narrator)
Listen for free!**
He Loves You Not: Serendipity Series, Book 2
by Tara Brown (Author), Kristin Watson Heintz (Narrator) and Jason Clarke (Narrator)
Listen for free!**
An Ocean Between Us
by Rachel Quinn (Author) and Alana Kerr Collins (Narrator)
Listen for free!**


New Whispersync deals for KU ebooks:

(Click on the picture to find the audiobook on Amazon. I use affiliate links that cost you nothing extra.)


Arrogant Devil
by R.S. Grey (Author), Aiden Snow (Narrator) and Carly Robins (Narrator)
Supercheap Whispersync upgrade!**
Rock God: A Rockstar Romance
by Alex Wolf (Author), Amy Melissa Bentley (Narrator) and Alex Kydd (Narrator)
Whispersync upgrade under $10**
An American Cinderella
by Krista Lakes (Author) and Kathryn Lynhurst (Narrator)
Whispersync Upgrade under $10**
Chance: SciFi Cyborg Romance: Cyn City Cyborgs Series, Book 1
by Pearl Foxx (Author) and Chandra Skyye (Narrator)
Whispersync Upgrade under $10**
Cuffed: The Untouchables MC, Book 1
by Joanna Blake (Author), Stephanie Rose (Narrator) and Aaron Shedlock (Narrator)
Whispersync Upgrade under $10**
Something About You: Saint & Lucky Series, Book 1
by Riley Hart (Author) and Sean Crisden (Narrator)
Whispersync Upgrade under $10**
Trust the Devil: The Devil’s Riders, Book 3
by Joanna Blake (Author), Troy Duran (Narrator) and Kendall Taylor (Narrator)
Whispersync Upgrade under $10**
Fixer Upper
by Cara Malone (Author) and Emily Beresford (Narrator)
Whispersync Upgrade under $10**
Her First Kiss: London’s Story: The First Series, Book 1
by MJ Fields (Author), Elizabeth Hart (Narrator) and Jeremy York (Narrator)
Whispersync Upgrade under $10**
Before She Was Mine: Wounded Hearts Series, Book 1
by Amelia Wilde (Author), Austin Rising (Narrator) and Stephanie Wyles (Narrator)
Whispersync Upgrade under $10**
Let Me Hold You: The McClain Brothers, Book 2
by Alexandria House (Author), Jakobi Diem (Narrator) and Adenrele Ojo (Narrator)
Whispersync Upgrade under $10**


New cheap package deals of e-books with Whispersync upgrades (not in KU):

(Click on the picture to find the audiobook on Amazon. I use affiliate links that cost you nothing extra.)


Please Me: A Stark Ever After Novella
by J. Kenner (Author) and Sofia Willingham (Narrator)
E-book + Audiobook deal**
Ashwin: Gideon’s Riders Series, Book 1
by Kit Rocha (Author) and Tatiana Sokolov (Narrator),
E-book + Audiobook deal**


You don’t have one yet? Get your free KU subscription** test month now and enjoy these hot new Kindle Unlimited audiobooks and thousands more.

Have you checked out my Romance Package guide for international listeners? Click here to read it and sign up for hundreds of great Romance audiobooks.

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  1. A few of these really appeal to me and it is wonderful to have discovered that my KU subscription includes audiobooks.

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