New free Romance Audiobooks in December 2018

December deals and Releases

If you are a frequent visitor of Lovely Audiobooks, you probably know my Friday feature already.

Every Friday, I post a wrap-up of that week’s blog posts, together with a list of fresh audiobook deals and new free romance audiobooks: New Audiobooks, new Deals and new News.

Now, a wrap-up of a wrap-up is a bit silly. But I think it will be convenient for you to see all the free audiobooks from the previous month in one list.

I also found a bunch of new Romance Package additions that I hadn’t included before, and added the cheapest Whispersync deals – that’s a package deal of an ebook with an audiobook upgrade.

So below you’ll find three categories: New additions to the Audible Romance Package and new releases in Kindle Unlimited “Listen for Free”, so all the audiobooks you can listen to for free if you have a subscription. And for those of you who don’t have any subscription (or just can’t get enough), I have also added package deals for under $6 of ebooks with audio upgrades.

If you’re new here, read more about which subscription is best for you in my guide.

**The marked book links and covers on this page are Amazon affiliate links. If you use them to purchase something, I receive a small fee at no additional cost for you. Thank you for supporting my blog! **

Audible Romance Package

December 2018 Additions

Mister Bodyguard: The Morgan Brothers Series, Book 4
Lauren Rowe (Author, Narrator), John Lane (Narrator)
Add to your library!**
Hard Pressed
Kate Canterbary (Author), Lauren Sweet (Narrator), Blake Richard (Narrator)
Add to your library!**
Not for Me: The Windy City Chronicles, Book 1
Kat de Falla (Author), Sullie Mason (Narrator)
Add to your library!**
Our Broken Love
Terri Anne Browning (Author), Neva Nevarre (Narrator), Violet Applegate (Narrator), Natalie Nightwolf (Narrator), Holly Warren (Narrator), Sarah McEwan (Narrator)
Add to your library!**
Aleatha Romig (Author), Alexander Cendese (Narrator), Savannah Peachwood (Narrator)
Add to your library!**
Only for Love
Cristin Harber (Author), Jeffrey Kafer (Narrator), Xe Sands (Narrator)
Add to your library!**
The Titan Series: Military Romance Box Set: 5 Romantic Suspense Love Stories
Cristin Harber (Author), Jeffrey Kafer (Narrator)
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Sexy as Sin: Sinful, Montana, Book 3
Rosalind James (Author), Emma Wilder (Narrator)
Add to your library!**
Someone Else’s Ocean
Kate Stewart (Author), Lila Winters (Narrator), Jason Clarke (Narrator)
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Kindle Unlimited “Listen for Free”

December 2018 Releases

Madrid: International Guy, Book 10
Audrey Carlan (Author), Sebastian York (Narrator), Ava Erickson (Narrator)
Read and Listen for Free**
Echoes of Fire: Mercury Pack, Book 4
Suzanne Wright (Author), Jill Redfield (Narrator)
Read and Listen for Free**
The Frame-Up: The Golden Arrow Mysteries Series, Book 1
Meghan Scott Molin (Author), Andrea Emmes (Narrator)
Read and Listen for Free**
Defending Chloe: Mountain Mercenaries, Book 2
Susan Stoker (Author) and Stella Bloom (Narrator)
Read and Listen for Free**
Owen: Undercover Billionaire, Book 3
Melody Anne (Author) and Kristin Watson Heintz (Narrator)
Read and Listen for Free**

Whispersync Deals under $6

December 2018 Cheap ebooks with audio upgrades

Hate 2 Lovers
K. Webster (Author), J.D. Hollyfield (Author), Jacob Morgan (Narrator), Ava Erickson (Narrator)
Cheap Whispersync Deal**
Patient Pines (The Pines Book Two)
Crystal Harper (Author), Maxine Mitchell (Narrator), Greg Tremblay (Narrator)
Cheap Whispersync Deal**
Even cheaper with KU and also included in the Romance Package!
Defiance of the Heart: Sins of the Heart, Book 2
Monica James (Author), Vanessa Edwin (Narrator)
Cheap Whispersync Deal**
Tempting Brooke: A Big Sky Novella
Kristen Proby (Author), Patrick Garrett (Narrator), Morais Almeida (Narrator)
Cheap Whispersync Deal**
Rush (Gods Series Book 2)
Samantha Towle (Author), Brooke Bloomingdale (Narrator)
Cheap Whispersync Deal**
Lost With Me
J. Kenner (Author), Sofia Willingham (Narrator)
Cheap Whispersync Deal**
Brothers: A Slater Brothers Novel
L. A. Casey (Author), Jason Clarke (Narrator)
Cheap Whispersync Deal**

I hope you’ll have lots of fun with your new cheap or free romance audiobooks 🙂

Happy listening!

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