New Audiobooks, new Deals and new News #9

Week 48, 2018

It’s already the end of November. How crazy is that?!


New releases

Amazon is a bit disappointing this week. We get 2 new releases in the Romance Package, but no new Kindle Unlimited “listen for free” ones. However, there are some real gems among the Whispersync deals! Including a new R.S. Grey and some Reverse Harem which I’m very much looking forward to.



You only have 1 week left to enter my giveaway for a chance to win an Amazon gift card or an audiobook! So hop on over and join in: Giveaway


Cyber Week

The Black Friday / Cyber Week deals for Audible are still active! 4 months membership 50% off – £3.99/month: Click here** 3 months membership 53% off – $6.95/month: Click here**


What’s going on with Lovely Audiobooks

This past week I’ve introduced “Waiting for Aegina” to you. It’s the second book in The Gift Saga which is sponsoring my current giveaway. Take a look at the Spotlight.

I’ve also taken the first step for my passion project: Romance novels with physically disabled and chronically ill protagonists. Here are my mini reviews of 3 books in the Romance Package: Mini Reviews. When I linked this blog post in the totally awesome Aural Fixation Facebook group, I received a ton of recommendations for other audiobooks that fall into this category. So I plan to start my Ultimate List soon that will feature all Romance audiobooks with physically disabled characters. I’m really excited about this!

And lastly, yesterday, I started the Lovely Audiobooks Christmas special: The Best Christmas audiobooks in the Audible Romance Package! Stay tuned for the second part, featuring Christmas audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited.


New Additions to the Audible Romance Package:

[These are Amazon affiliate links. If you use them to purchase something, I receive a fee at no additional cost for you.]

Someone Else’s Ocean
Kate Stewart (Author), Lila Winters (Narrator) and Jason Clarke (Narrator)
Add it to your Audible Library**
Hard Pressed
Kate Canterbary (Author), Lauren Sweet (Narrator) and Blake Richard (Narrator)
Add it to your Audible Library**


Kindle deals can slightly differ between local Amazon websites. The lists are based on If you live in Canada or the UK, you will automatically be send to your local Amazon. Please don’t be disappointed if your site has slightly different prices. Sometimes, an American free listen might cost a little elsewhere. But some of the “under $10 deals” might in turn be cheaper on your Amazon 🙂 You can only get Kindle deals on your local Amazon website.


Cheap Ebook + Audiobook deals under $10 (no Kindle Unlimited):

[These are Amazon affiliate links. If you use them to purchase something, I receive a fee at no additional cost for you.]

House of Guardians: Sons of the Olympian Gods: Ambrosia Trilogy Series, Book 1
Beatrice Sand (Author), Cassandra Myles (Narrator) and Aaron Shedlock (Narrator)
FREE EBOOK + Cheap Whispersync Deal**
Breath of Christmas
Linda Mooney (Author, Narrator)
Cheap Whispersync Deal**
 Undiscovered: Treasure Hunter Security, Book 1
Anna Hackett (Author, Publisher) and Stella Bloom (Narrator)
Cheap Whispersync Deal**
Three, Two, One (321): A Dark Suspense
JA Huss (Author), Sebastian York (Narrator) and Ava Erickson (Narrator)
FREE EBOOK + Cheap Whispersync Deal**
I just picked this up myself after eyeing it for a while. It’s not a new release but the price has recently gone down.


Ebooks in Kindle Unlimited with Audiobook upgrades under $10:

[These are Amazon affiliate links. If you use them to purchase something, I receive a fee at no additional cost for you.]

Hell Is a Harem: Hell Is a Harem Series, Book 1
Kim Faulks (Author) and Lauren Sweet (Narrator)
Cheap Whispersync Deal**
In the Corsair’s Bed: Corsairs Series, Book 2
Ruby Dixon (Author), Hollie Jackson (Narrator) and Mason Lloyd (Narrator)
Cheap Whispersync Deal**
Daughter of Hades: A Reverse Harem Romance: Cerberus Series, Book 2
Helen Scott (Author), Troy Duran (Narrator) and Cassandra Myles (Narrator)
Cheap Whispersync Deal**
Claimed by Gods: A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy: Their Dark Valkyrie Series, Book 1
Eva Chase (Author), Samantha Cook (Narrator) and Aiden Snow (Narrator)
Cheap Whispersync Deal**
Real Men Snarl: Real Men Shift Series, Book 2
Celia Kyle (Author), Marina Maddix (Author) and Kendall Taylor (Narrator)
Cheap Whispersync Deal**
Sexy as Sin: Sinful, Montana, Book 3
Rosalind James (Author) and Emma Wilder (Narrator)
Cheap Whispersync Deal**
El Santo: The El Santo Series, Book 1
M. Robinson (Author), Marcio Catalano (Narrator) and Lacie Glennox (Narrator)
Cheap Whispersync Deal**
Positively Pricked
Sabrina Stark (Author) and Melissa Barr (Narrator)
Cheap Whispersync Deal**
Not So Nice Guy
R.S. Grey (Author), Teddy Hamilton (Narrator) and Luci Christian Bell (Narrator)
Cheap Whispersync Deal**


Thanks for reading the last November edition of the weekly deals and news. See you in December! Happy listening 🙂


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16 thoughts on “New Audiobooks, new Deals and new News #9

    1. Yeah, that’s really the best way to go about it 🙂 Find a book you’d like to re-read, check the Audible sample, if you like the narrator’s voice, then go for it!

  1. I can’t somehow get into audiobooks at all. I feel have to work harder to focus. I wish it was easier to me so that I could join you all.

    1. It’s not like audiobooks are *better* than books 😛 I just couldn’t read anymore if it wasn’t for them. And I have fallen in love with them for giving me back the book world. Sounds sappy, but it’s true!

  2. Great article yet again!!
    I really need to buy some more Kate Stewart books! I’ve only read one so far, but I reaaaally liked that book a lot.

    Great to see Claimed by Gods making an appearance. It was a really fun first book in a. Reverse harem series!

    And I see an RS Grey book. *screams to everyone: go get it!!!

    1. Yeah, I was a bit disappointed there was not more “free” stuff that week, but it’s awesome that there are actual RH choices now! I love Fantasy RH.

  3. I know this isn’t what the post is about but I like your comment to Mandi! I really struggle with audiobooks but my husband loves them – I hadn’t thought about doing it with one I want to re-read!!!

    1. Give it a try and let me know how it goes 😉 For us it was the other way around, I got my husband infected with the love for audiobooks! He listens on his commute now.

    1. I think it’s best to start with a book you want to re-read, or a favourite author. So you can be sure you’ll love the story. Then make sure you use the Sample on Audible. If you drift off or if the voice annoys you, pick a different one 🙂

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