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Nuts: It’s time for a sweet escape!

Review: Nuts (Hudson Valley 1)

written by Alice Clayton
narrated by Shayna Thibodeaux


Roxie, chef to the stars but fallen from grace, has to return to her small hometown. And it turns out… things have changed up there!

This was my first Alice Clayton story and when you’re looking for a funny, sexy Romance novel, this is a great choice! In the first chapters, you notice that some of the characters come from another Alice Clayton series. I’m a big fan of this feeling that side characters have their own lives and aren’t just props.

This book is a very sensual experience. Alice Clayton writes wonderful descriptions of places and food. Not too long, just enough to leave me hungry for basically the entire book. I love how good food – wholesome, grown and prepared with love – is celebrated in this story. And the descriptions of Bailey Falls! It felt like being on vacation there. This book is most certainly a very sweet escape 🙂

Nuts is a Romantic Comedy (what with the nuts and the zucchini). I had a bunch of laughing out loud moments because Roxie is quite adorable and bouncy. The story has lots of rather witty innuendos and also, incidentally, one of my absolute favorite sex scenes!  But the book also has real substance and is very warm with incredibly likable characters.

Shayna Thibodeaux has a special voice, a bit deeper and a little husky and with big sarcasm potential. She’s got a great feeling for intonation and pausing for effect. Listening to her was quite the treat (oh look, still thinking about food)!! She has a wide range of voices which makes for a very captivating listen.

The epilogue is narrated by the sexy Sebastian York. But this isn’t a two PoV story and he’s really only doing this one short chapter. That’s of course also a treat 😉

Book 2 and 3 in the Hudson Valley series are also recommendations. But my heart belongs to Leo and Roxie!

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