Why the Audible Romance Package isn’t only for Romance readers!

If you don’t love Contemporary Romance, you might still love Audible’s Unlimited Audiobooks Subscription!

If you’re already a Romance Package connoisseur who only wants something different for a change, just scroll down to the categories.

Discover something new and get even more out of your subscription.

But if you ended up here trying to find out more about this unlimited audiobook subscription, then let me tell you a bit about it first.

If you don't love Contemporary Romance, you might still love Audible's Unlimited Audiobooks deal!

Audiobook readers who prefer other genres than Romance might think Kindle Unlimited is the better binge listening choice for them. BUT….

Kindle Unlimited has – among all its genres – around 2000 free audiobooks. That’s not bad and can keep you busy for a while. But the Audible Romance Package has over 14,000 free audiobooks!

You might not consider yourself (primarily) a Romance reader. But if you don’t mind some love in your books, the Romance Package can still be a great deal for you. There are simply so very many audiobooks to choose from.

And the price and choice are just two of the reasons why I love the Audible Romance Package so much.

So, today I’d like to introduce you to audiobooks in Audible’s binge-tastic Romance Package that aren’t actually first and foremost Romance novels. Now, book genres, just like music, are fluid and can be argued over. In the end, a book belongs to the genre the author intended it for and adds it to on Amazon. But Goodreads is very helpful here since it gives the readers a choice which genre they see the book in. For the following list, I used Goodreads results in addition to the genre on Audible.

**The marked book links and covers on this page are Amazon affiliate links. If you use them to purchase something, I receive a small fee at no additional cost for you. Thank you for supporting my blog! **

Cozy Mystery And Modern Detectives

I’m turning into a bit of a cozy mystery fan and was so happy when I found some in the Romance Package. Audible lists 17 cozy mysteries in the deal. But the ones below are from the category “Modern Detectives” which has 96 audiobooks. If you love this genre, check out more of my recommendations for cozies.


Women’s Fiction and Chick Lit

Audible lists 38 audiobooks in the category Fiction > Chick Lit for the Romance Package. There’s a bit of a grey area between this genre and Romance of course. And many books listed in Contemporary Romance are arguably more Chick Lit than Romance, because they focus solely on the heroine and her story. But these three books are good examples that Goodreads also considers Chick Lit.


Literary Fiction

Oh yes, the literature is real! There are 26 free classics in the Romance Package to make you feel well read.



Chick Lit and classic Romance novels might have you think that I’m really just messing around here and that it’s all just Romance anyway. But you can also find 24 Horror audiobooks in the Romance Package!



Of the 506 Teen audiobooks in the Romance Package, most are Young Adult romance. That is to be expected I suppose. But there is also classic YA literature (most notably the Anne of Green Gables series), Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Thrillers.


Gay & Lesbian

In the category Fiction > Gay & Lesbian, 541 audiobooks are in the Romance Package. Many of them are, of course, romance, just like in the Teen category. But you can also find Crime, Mystery, or Fantasy novels.


I hope you’ll enjoy your unlimited audiobook subscription even more now or that I could help you make up your mind to give the Romance Package a try with a free test month** 🙂

And if you want to know how you can sign up to the Romance Package from the UK, Canada or elsewhere, check out my guide here: How to sign up to the Romance Package from outside the USA

Happy listening!

If you're looking for an unlimited audiobooks subscription and thought the Audible Romance Package is only for romance readers, find out what else it has to offer! From Cozy Mystery to Horror and Literary Fiction, this deal gives you access to so many great free audiobooks that aren't Romance! #freebooks #audiobooks #audible

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19 thoughts on “Why the Audible Romance Package isn’t only for Romance readers!

  1. Do you get to keep any of the books if you cancel subscription? The 1 credit a month “normal” audible allows you to get the audiobook and keep it

    1. No, you borrow these audiobooks like you do with Kindle Unlimited or your local library. They disappear when your subscriptions runs out.

  2. Wow, good thinking!
    True that you don’t necessarely need to be purely on romance and/or sex to be classified as « romance » eh! Every bits of love counts 💕💕

    First i’ve gotta see if i like audiobooks xd BUT this got me interrested!

    1. Yeah, I’m really glad there are some choices now for unlimited audiobook subscriptions. It’s just nice to shop around and take a chance on a new-to-me author or narrator without having to spend an entire credit on it 🙂

  3. I’ve been thinking about trying the Romance bundle but I don’t feel like I am a consistent audiobook listener. I currently have Scribd so I can try to listen to audiobooks but I mostly use it to read books. I’m excited to see the variety of content in the package it makes me very excited to give it a go!
    Arya D. @ Arya’s Fangirl Lexicon recently posted…March 2019 Wrapup 1st to 16thMy Profile

    1. Yeah, there are so many audiobooks! But if you haven’t listened to a lot of audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited yet (going by your other comment), I’d listen to a few more of those first before adding the Romance Package 🙂

  4. There’s a lot of cross over in a lot of genres. Romance is definitely one that comes up a lot across the board.

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