Paranormal Historical: The Brotherhood series

Salt Magic Skin Magic was my first historical Romance. And since I loved that story so much, it made me curious about other paranormal historical audiobooks.

So, I looked around in the Audible Romance Package and found The Brotherhood series: A paranormal historical Vampire Romance.

Now, I’m not the biggest fan of vampires. I’ve enjoyed many a vampire story, but I’m usually weary because there are some extremely popular vampire tales that didn’t quite win me over.

What can I say, I’ve watched a looot of Buffy. And sure, there are the Spikes of this world, but the majority of vampires literally suck.

The Brotherhood series worked absolutely perfectly for me in this regard. It’s not quite your usual take on vampire stories. And these intriguing men don’t actually fit the image vampires have had in the last couple of years.


Lost to the Night

The story of Alexander and Evelyn

In the first book, we are introduced to the setting (Regency Era England) and get to know Alexander and his “affliction”. This story has some parallels to The Beauty and the Beast, with Alexander hiding away in his castle for two years until Evelyn ends up there in desperate need of help.

I loved the fairytale feeling and the general atmosphere of this book. The story has a nice pace with some twists, turns, and suspense. We are also introduced to the heroes of book 2 and 3.

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Slave to the Night

Elliot and Grace

The second book was probably my favorite in the bunch. The storyline is entirely different from book 1 which is something I find really remarkable. And there were so many aspects about it that were unexpected and awesome.

Grace is a very intriguing and likable character and her background differs so much from Evelyn’s. I also loved the way she and Elliot handled his “condition”.

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Abandoned to the Night

Leo and Ivana

In book three, we find the resolution of the affliction plot line. I loved the twist this story took with the character of Ivana. But I don’t want to say more because it’s really fun to listen to this series as a whole without reading the blurbs and getting surprised by the turns each book takes.

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I strongly recommend listening to this series in the correct order. While each book has a new couple and could be read as a stand-alone, the overarching plotline is quite important and intriguing and affects all three couples. I think the series would lose a bit if you just jumped in somewhere or only picked out one of the books.

The ending was absolutely wonderful and everything I had hoped for! That’s another reason to listen to the whole series.

The Narration

The quality of the narration fluctuated a bit. Kylie Stewart’s voice and accent are pleasant to listen to and fit the story very well. But at times, especially in book 1, she just read, while at other points, she used more lively intonations. I feel like her narration could have been better since, in parts, it was awesome. The quality of her narration definitely improves further after the first book and I never lost focus.


This historical Vampire Romance is a great series for paranormal readers, but I believe fans of historical Romance will enjoy it very much, too. And it has a bit of a fairytale feel to it. So if you like fairytales or retellings, like me, you’d probably have a great time with this story as well.

All three audiobooks of The Brotherhood series** are in the Audible Romance Package. The ebooks are in Kindle Unlimited, including the fourth book, Lured to the Night**, which is about another couple and gives a bit more background knowledge on the “affliction”.

If you love fairytales or vampires, check out this paranormal historical Romance! This vampire love story really surprised me and if you're looking for a a steamy Vampire Regency Romance that's a bit different and a lot awesome, check out my spoiler-free review! All audiobook are free in the Audible Romance Package, the ebooks are free in Kindle Unlimited. #freebooks #vampire #romance

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    1. Yes, it’s fun to read something different and being surprised with a Romance 🙂 And I’m beyond thrilled you’re enjoying the Imp series so much!!

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