Paranormal Rom-Com: The Vampire wants a Wife

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While this book seems to be sorted into about 100 different genres on Goodreads and Amazon, I would call it a paranormal romantic comedy. Plenty of laughing out loud moments… with a vampire πŸ˜‰


The Vampire wants a Wife (Supernatural Dating Agency book 1)
written by Andie M. Long, narrated by Angela Doll

Publisher’s Summary

Running a dating agency can be a killer…

Shelley Linley is sick of sickos. Yet another prankster has applied to her dating agency. This one says he’s a vampire, and he wants Shelley to help him find a wife. Meeting him for a second interview against all her better judgement, Shelley discovers that he has no clue about women. A shame because he’s super hot, amusing, and has a lot of single friends he could recommend her struggling business to, even if he does say they’re werewolves and demons. She has to help him, even if he’s crazy. If she can ignore his delusions, she’s sure she can help him meet someone. 

But when death threats start arriving on her doorstep, Shelley’s not sure she’s cut out for the job…then her dating algorithm states she’s his ideal partner. Now she’s not sure if she should take the risk for love, or run like hell.

Welcome to Withernsea and the Supernatural Dating Agency, for fans of Michelle Rowen, Gerry Bartlett, and Michele Bardsley, who like their humor to have bite.


This was a fun and fast-paced story. I had a bunch of laughing-out-loud moments (like that time during their date when Shelley throws her garlic bread at the vampire to see what would happen). It was incredibly entertaining!

The story is mainly Shelley’s introduction into the supernatural world and her maybe-blossoming-romance with her dating agency’s client who claims to be a vampire. I loved Andie M. Long’s world building and paranormal rules. The group of characters we’re introduced to is very likable and interesting. And I definitely want to go back to Withernsea to see how the rest of them find their happily ever after!


Angela Doll narrates the book. It seems to be her first audiobook and, as you can hear in the Audible sample, the production sounds slightly tinny. I found I got used to that pretty quickly though and it didn’t bother me when using headphones.

Angela Doll’s voice is very pleasant and I liked listening to her. It didn’t bother me that she had an American accent even though the story is set in the UK. However, her inflections weren’t on point and she didn’t use different voices for the male characters. That made it difficult for me to follow dialogue. I often didn’t know who was talking.


I really enjoyed this story and recommend the book to anyone who likes some lighter paranormal fun. The narration has some issues you should be aware of before deciding to go with the audiobook.

The ebook is currently free on Amazon and you can get the audiobook for a reduced price when picking it up with the ebook.

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  1. This sounds really cute and I love the cover. I’ve been trying to listen to more audio books off and on lately and recently subbed to Scribd, which I’m enjoying.

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