Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas

The Punk 57 audiobook is one of my favorite Enemies to Lovers stories on Audible!

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Punk 57

written by Penelope Douglas
narrated by Laurie Catherine Winkel and Matthew Holland


Oooh the angst! Oooooh the dysfunction! Oh so hot.

Misha (boy) and Ryen (girl) had been pen pals for many years. Even though they live close to each other, they had chosen not to meet. When various twists and turns lead Misha in disguise to Ryen’s school he finds his sweet and smart pen pal to be the mean queen bee.

I have read other Penelope Douglas bully stories in the past and it was an unexpected twist to find a female bully in this enemies-to-lovers story. We learn a lot about what has let Ryen to behave like a bitch and her development and motivation are comprehensible. It’s actually a pretty solid study into what leads a teen to become a bully (if you are interested in the topic, check out this article in the Washington Post). But there’s still enough room to empathize with Ryen.

Nevertheless, the story of Ryen and Misha in Punk 57 is incredibly romantic because they find each other again and again and you get the feeling they would have found each other no matter what. Yeah, that’s a romance novel for you right there!

For a little while in the middle, the story goes very dark and the interaction between our hero and heroine grows quite dysfunctional. Yet, I just always felt this connection between the two, so for me, it worked.  Matthew Holland did a fantastic narration of Misha and all his pain. And Laurie Catherine Winkel portrayed those two sides of Ryen so well, the bitchy cheerleader and the poetic sensitive soul. I really enjoyed their narrations! They pulled me in and I didn’t miss a minute of this fantastic audiobook. Their various voices were great, the intonations were fantastic, and I really just liked the sound of their narrations.

To top all that off, this was a really sexy book. Like, really sexy! Lots of chemistry, all the naughty, and a little flirt with coercion that never got uncomfortable.

Wholeheartedly recommending this one!!

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