RecomMondaytion: Firestorm by D.B. Sieders

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Every Monday I tell you about a new audiobook that I’m really excited about. 

This spotlight is my very personal favorite new release that I feel is totally credit-worthy: New audiobooks from my favorite authors or books I’ve read very intriguing reviews about.

Firestorm (Southern Elemental Guardians book 3)

Eeeh! This is me squealing! I’m so excited that Bruce’s audiobook is done!

The Southern Elemental Guardians are one of my favorite paranormal romance series. And Stefanie Kay is doing such a fantastic job narrating it.

I have already reviewed book 1, Lorelei’s Lyric, and book 2, Crosscurrents. And I have been eagerly awaiting book 3, Firestorm, the story of Bruce the sylph. I’m very much looking forward to listening to this and hope to do so very soon!

Bruce, this pretty funny, pretty badass, and pretty sweet guy showed up several times in the first two books of the series and I somewhat fell into insta-love. He’s ridiculously hot, figuratively and literally speaking. And I really want to know more about the sylph in general. Also, he really deserves to find his happily ever after.



Written by D.B. Sieders, narrated by Stefanie KAy

Publisher’s Summary

He’s running from the past. She’s running from the future. 

Bruce, prince of the American Sylph and guardian of wind and air, loves mixing business with pleasure. An immortal with excessive appetites, he wields his considerable powers to satisfy them, so he can forget his past transgressions. But when he discovers a rogue Phoenix on the loose, pleasure comes with the risk of catastrophe. 

After nearly a century in hiding, Serafina is forced to fight against a conspiracy to resurrect the Phoenix. Uniting three of her kind could disrupt Earth’s elemental balance, unleashing a fiery apocalypse. Can she trust the seductive, mercurial Sylph prince to help her, or will her untested passion and fire doom them both and all they hold dear?

Let the Southern Elemental Guardians into your ear and into your heart 😉

Happy listening!

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