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Reverse Harem: Daughter of Winter by Skye MacKinnon

The Daughter of Winter series

written by Skye MacKinnon, narrated by Laurel Schroeder

I love Fantasy and that’s probably why this type of paranormal romance always draws me in the most. Sure, I love werewolves like the next girl, but gods? Yes, please!

Now, I’m not a fan of erotica, so with Reverse Harem, it’s a bit of a gamble for me whether it will have the right kind of sexual tension with enough emotion and storyline. And the Daughter of Winter series was spot-on for me!

The Story

At the center of the series is Wyn, a demi-goddess, and her guardians. She first meets them when they escort her from the human world to the realm of the gods on her 22nd birthday. The five of them have fantastic chemistry and their time together is wonderfully tingly without ever getting awkward.

Over the course of the four books, Wyn’s power as a demi-goddess keeps growing and she has to take over more responsibilities in protecting her mother’s realm from outside threats.

The Romance

I loved how the relationship between Wyn and her four guardians grows and develops, and how we learn more about each of the guardians the further we get into the series. They are so warm and caring with each other.

The sex scenes are steamy and really well written. Initially, they’re always only between Wyn and one of the guardians. The level of hotness (and the amount of involved people) increases a bit more with each book.


I found Wyn to be a very likable and fascinating main character. In the beginning, she tends to be a bit whiny, which she follows up with “I know I’m whiny”, something I found kind of adorable. Later on, when she comes into her powers, she is this truly 3-dimensional character. Her personality, her concerns, and her history of growing up as a human counter her ever-increasing power as a goddess.

It’s really a tangible development. Her thought processes are very palpable and make her feel like a real person. Over time and with her powers growing, her decision-making slowly changes. She gains more and more confidence in herself and gets a better grip on her concerns.

It’s a remarkable personal journey! And I think that’s why this series blew me away so thoroughly.

The Narration

Laurel Schroeder did a fantastic narration. In the first book, I had to get used a bit to her melodic way of speaking. But she transports all the emotion and sensuality of this series so well. Her voices, especially the male ones for the guardians, are awesome and her intonations are always absolutely perfect. I loved listening to her!


The storyline, both the romance as well as the adventures in the realm, is fantastic. And I really loved how incredibly sensual this series is!

But it’s Wyn herself that made me fall completely in love with it.

This is definitely a re-listen series for me and I recommend it to anyone who wants to try out or already loves Reverse Harem.

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Thank you, Audiobook Obsession, for giving me free review copies in exchange for my honest review and introducing me to the awesome Daughter of Winter series!

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