10 Perfect Romance Audiobooks for Walking your Dog!

One of my favorite things to do is listening to great audiobooks while walking my dog. And it’s even more fun when it’s a Romance book with animals and fellow pet owners!

Here is my book list with 10 of my favorite Romance audiobooks that have dogs at the center of the story. These books are a nice mix of genres and themes, from Romantic Comedy to angsty Paranormal Romance, so you have a doggy option for every mood!

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The Happy Ever After Playlist

Duck Tolling Retriever - the dog in The Happy Ever After Playlist by Abby Jimenez, Romance books with Animals

written by Abby Jimenez, narrated by Zachary Webber and Erin Mallon

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Dog: Tucker, a Duck Tolling Retriever

“No, sorry, Officer, I have no idea whose dog this is, he just jumped through my window and is now sitting next to me!”

While The Happy Ever After Playlist isn’t always an easy book to read because the heroine is going through very dark times, Tucker sure lightens the mood and knows how to bring her out of her grief. I actually laughed out loud several times, especially at the beginning of the book.

This is really an adorable love story with a dog bringing two people together! And it is so very perfectly narrated by our favorites, Zachary Webber and Erin Mallon.

A Tail as Old as Time

Golden Retriever and a grey cat

written by Elle Hay, narrated by Therese Plummer

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Dog: Kevin, a Labrador, but also Furrari, a cat

In this adorable Audible Originals novella, a dog and a cat team up to bring their owners together by sending them on a wild goose chase through Miami.

With a length of 1:30h, you can finish this during a long walk and I promise, you’ll have a fantastic time! Therese Plummer is an amazing narrator and the story is very cute, fast-paced, and romantic.

A Tail as Old as Time is included in Audible Plus. So if you have an Audible membership, you can listen to this for free without spending an Audible credit or money on it!

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Finders Keepers

A Shi-Tzu mixed breed dog with fluffy white fur

written by N.R. Walker, narrated by Joel Leslie

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Dog: Wicket, furry mixed breed, resembling an Ewok

Finders Keepers is a must-listen audiobook by the author and narrator of some of my favorite MM Romance books on Audible!

When Griffin finds a dirty, lonely dog, he takes him home and contacts the number on the dog tag. The dog’s owner, Dane, is on a work trip and can’t pick Wicket up right away. So Dane and Griffin start communicating through text messages and soon phone calls until Griffin would be able to pick Wicket up.

I absolutely loved everything about Finders Keepers! This is one of my most favorite Romance books with animals because I love the concept of two people getting to know each other through text messages and developing a crush before the actually meet up for the first time.

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Puppy Love

Brown furry Pomeranian

written by Lucy Gilmore, narrated by Lauren Sweet

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Dog: Bubbles, a Pomeranian

When you need a dog with very specialized training, you don’t always get to choose which dog breed you want. And that is how a firefighter and giant of a man ends up with an eenzy weenzy Pomeranian princess named Bubbles…. and her dog trainer.

Puppy Love is a fun Romantic Comedy, but it also goes deeper when exploring Harrison’s situation who has diabetes and Sophie’s issues with her family following her childhood Leukemia treatment.

The Knocked Up Plan

Two Crossbreeds - brown and black dog

written by Lauren Blakely, narrated by Sebastian York and Andi Arndt

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Dogs: Ruby and Romeo, two middle-sized dogs

The Knocked Up Plan is the perfect feel-good Romantic Comedy for dog lovers! This adorable love story about two “sexperts“/relationship coaches feature Ruby and Romeo, their dogs, who have some amazing comedic timing.

I’m pretty sure every dog owner knows that situation when your dog joins your twosome moment at the most unfortunate time. But I also loved the planned pregnancy theme.

Sebastian York and Andi Arndt are the most popular Romance audiobook narrator couple. So you’re in for a treat with this Romance book with animals!

The Foxe & The Hound

Bernese Mountain Dog

written by R. S. Grey, narrated by Luci Christian and Joe Arden

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Dog: Mouse, a Bernese Mountain Dog mix

In this cute Enemies to Lovers Romantic Comedy, it’s the adorable Bernese Mountain Dog – so aptly named Mouse – who keeps bringing Madeleine and the grumpy vet together. The story is very warm and I loved how animals played such a huge part.

R.S. Grey is such a great Romance author and I loved the narration by Luci Christian and Joe Arden.

The Play


written by Karina Halle, narrated by Antony Ferguson and Jillian Macie

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Dogs: Lionel, a Pitbull, and Emily

I could write so much about The Play. This book has so much depth, so many layers.

I’m sure Kayla isn’t everyone’s type but I loved this heroine! She’s a unique, interesting, and likable character even though she claims to hate everyone. And Lachlan… I’m wary of the broody types, but Lachlan… He makes sense. He’s so real and so good and he tries so hard. And on top of that, he rescues dogs and runs a charity for them!

This book is a bit of a tearjerker at times. But it’s one of those Romance books with animals that are really worth reading. It will also last you for many a long walk with its 17h length!

Trigger Warning: Death of a family member

Storm Warrior

Black and White photo of a Mastiff wearing a silver chain

written by Dani Harper, narrated by Justine Eyre

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Dogs: A huge black dog resembling a Mastiff, and Fred, an actual Mastiff

Storm Warrior is one of those hidden gems in Kindle Unlimited and a bit different from the other audiobooks for walking your dog on this book list.

A vet is saved by a big black dog. She saves his life in return. But the next day, the dog is gone. Instead, there is now a naked man who claims to be a Celtic warrior who traveled through time! Talk about a WTF moment. What a twist for a Romance book with animals, don’t you think?

And I love this Paranormal Romance series! It’s unique, creative, steamy, suspenseful, and also good for a laugh or two. And Justine Eyre is always such a pleasure to listen to.

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Running Into Love

Irish Wolfhound standing on a meadow

written by Aurora Rose Reynolds, narrated by Carly Robins and Alexander Cendese

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Dog: Muffin, an Irish Wolfhound

Running Into Love is your perfect pick when you feel like a sweet, drama-free love story between two normal, mature people. And “normal” most certainly doesn’t mean boring! I was hooked instantly.

Fawn, our very neurotic heroine, literally runs into the perfect romance hero, Levi, in an adorable meet-cute. While Muffin, her giant dog, makes sure that she just can’t stay away!

The audiobook is beautifully narrated by Carly Robins and Alexander Cendese.

A New Leash on Love

German Shepherd lying down

written by Debbie Burns, narrated by Stina Nielsen

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Dog: Sledge, a German Shepherd

For the last stop on our list of audiobooks for walking your dog, we’ll go straight to the source: Megan, the heroine of A New Leash on Love, runs an animal shelter! So be prepared for many, many animals to love in this Romance novel.

This is a wonderful love story between a divorced man and a much younger woman. Megan is incredibly likable and I was really rooting for Craig who deserved a second chance at love. Not to mention my hopes for Sledge to find a good and stable forever home!

Stina Nielsen’s narration completely captivated me.

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10 thoughts on “10 Perfect Romance Audiobooks for Walking your Dog!”

  1. Ooohh thoses are my types!
    Do you know any with dachshunds specifically? ??
    Idk if it is as an audiobook .. but ยซย the corner shop in cockleberry bayย ยป by Nicola May was a good one !

    1. I haven’t found one with a dachshund yet ๐Ÿ™ My dog is a Havanese, but small dogs don’t seem to be so popular for Romance. I’ll keep looking!!

    2. There are a few- throw Dachshund in the search field on Goodreads-
      The Dachshund wears Prada, The Downside of Dachshunds, Dachshund Through the Snow (2 doff books 1 romance one a cozy mystery) then I know Arsenic and Adobo is another mystery that has a dachshund.

  2. THIS POST IS FANTASTIC AND ABSOLUTELY JUST MADE MY DAY. I’m literally grinning and looking all kinds of silly. But, seriously, love this. I’m definitely jotting a few of these titles down to give a try.

  3. I am trying to listen to more audiobooks, so this is perfect. I don’t read or listen to much romance, but some of these sound like I would enjoy them. Will have to add some of these to my to-read list.

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