3 Romance Novels Perfect for Book Lovers

What’s even better than books? Books about books! I know, I know, every book is kind of perfect for real book lovers. But these 3 Romance novels will make your bookish heart beat faster, I promise!

When I’m reading, I always get more captivated by the story when I share interests or quirks with the main character. It creates a connection. And being an avid reader and loving Romance novels is one of those things.

So, when I encounter a fellow Romance fan in a story, I tend to squeal a little. And that’s what makes these three books particularly awesome.

Graphic: 3 Romance Novels Perfect for Book Lovers


Book Boyfriend by Claire Kingsley

Narrated by Stephen Dexter and Maxine Mitchell

That title, right? It’s literally THE perfect Romance novel for book lovers.

Mia is a book blogger and online-friends with her favorite Romance author. They chat a lot and she really trusts this woman.

There’s just this thing where Lexi, the famous and mysterious author, is actually Alex in real life. A guy who’s really, really good at writing sexy love stories.

While they both keep their online personas secret, they happen to run into each other in real life. And a weird kind of double-relationship develops. Until it all comes crashing down…

The narrators, Stephen Dexter and Maxine Mitchell, are absolutely fantastic and among the most popular Romance narrators – for a good reason.

This love story between a Romance author and a book blogger clearly belongs at the top of this list, since Book Boyfriend is a must-read for romantic book lovers!

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Sex, Lies, and Online Dating by Rachel Gibson

Narrated by Kathleen Early

Firstly, let’s all appreciate the use of the Oxford comma here! Never underestimate the power of a good comma.

Lucy is a very successful mystery author. For her next novel, she “undercover” meets with men from dating apps. She’s looking for inspiration for victims of her female serial killer.

Then men in the area start dying. Men from dating apps. Men who Lucy met. And they died just like she described in her still-unpublished book.

That’s when the undercover author meets the undercover cop. However, he knows who she is and is investigating her. She things he’s the first decent guy she found on a dating app. So decent actually, that she doesn’t even want to kill him!

So yeah, this has a bit of murder mystery mixed into the Romance (but just a little, it’s cozy and funny). It’s a really cute story and perfect for book lovers who like cozy mysteries.

Kathleen Early did a very entertaining narration and Sex, Lies, and Online Dating is in Audible escape (formerly Romance Package).

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Shy Girls Write It Better by May Sage

Narrated by Noah Michael Levine and Erin Deward (duet)

If you feel like a literary quickie, this is a super hot little read! And it’s duet narration which is always good fun.

Cassie is a pretty successful Erotica author by night. By day, she’s… not so super successful. She’s clutzy and awkward and doesn’t feel sexy at all.

Carter is Cassie’s boss on her dayjob. He’s the type super aloof CEO. She didn’t think he even noticed her.

But he did. And then, by accident, he finds himself with her latest manuscript. Remember? She’s an Erotica writer…

A book lovers dreams, “Let’s try that position from page 35” ๐Ÿ˜†

Shy Girls Write It Better is in Audible escape.

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I hope you’ll love these audiobooks as much as I did! ๐Ÿ’•

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Graphic with book covers of Shy Girls Write It Better, Book Boyfriend, and Sex, Lies, and Online Dating

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