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Romance readers, you don’t read this subgenre, but you should!

Are dicks really the secret ingredient in Romance novels?

If you look at pretty much any list of popular Romance books, you find, of course, first and foremost M/F. Which makes sense since that’s the sexual orientation most women live.

You also find a fair number of M/M Romance written by female authors for their female readers.

What you don’t see is lesbian Romance.

If you feel a bit adventurous but haven’t considered trying lesbian Romance, read on. Maybe I can get you interested!

Why you should read Lesbian Romance
Two women

Why are Romance readers not interested in love stories between women?

As I understand it, the thrill in M/M Romance for straight women is that men are different, “the great unknown”, which makes them exciting and unpredictable.

We are also, let’s face it, kind of brainwashed into considering anything that’s perceived as male to be more interesting and just all around better than something that’s considered female. It’s a huge topic in Young Adult that the female protagonist is described as “not like other girls”. Being not like other girls is something that supposedly makes you cool and somehow better.

I don’t want to go too far into this topic, because, my oh my, it’s a tricky one. But to bottom line my thoughts on it: I make a conscious effort to be neutral on things that we tend to assign to men or women (liking pink isn’t cool or boring, liking cars isn’t cool or boring, it’s just one more thing that makes you you).

Porn vs. Romance

There is a really weird discrepancy between Romance and porn. According to pornhub’s statistics, their female visitors don’t watch male gay porn anymore like they did a few years ago. These days, they watch lesbian porn. So much actually, that it’s almost twice as popular as the second ranked category (Japanese).

And why is that? Well… because female bodies are sexy, sensual, and beautiful.

Now think about it, what is it that excites you about a written sex scene? Is it only “his throbbing member” or isn’t it also – or mostly – the feeling the scene evokes? What the characters are feeling, how excited and in love/lust they are? How the pussy licking is just really, really expertly done?

Obviously, if you like the D, it’s good fun to read about the D. But we don’t just read Romance for the sex scenes. It’s about the feelings and the story. The tingle of falling in love.

Lesbian women

And what about the Luuurv?

Romance isn’t porn. If we wanted only sex, we’d read Erotica. Romance is about two (or whatever many) people getting to know each other and falling in love. Their interaction is what makes Romance exciting for me.

And falling in love, putting your heart out there, and hoping your feelings are reciprocated, trying to find out whether this other person has the same thoughts as you, wants the same things, that’s universal and doesn’t have to do with gender.


I’m not a fan of stereotypes, but I think the reason why they work well in Romance is that they make it easier to put ourselves into the shoes of the protagonist.

The better I understand where the protagonists are coming from, why they act a certain way, why they come to certain conclusions, the more I’m captivated by the story.

Let’s circle back to the question why lesbian Romance seems so unexciting to Romance readers. Maybe you think two women in a Romance are boring, not only because of the lack of D, but also because you think they’re the same two-dimensional, predictable protagonist we meet in many straight Romance novels.

If you think about it, it actually happens quite regularly that the female protagonist is really just background for the male protagonist. So he can do his thing and make you – the reader – fall in love with him.

But just like there are many M/F Romance novels with strong and special heroines, you’ll also find that the women in lesbian Romance are interesting characters who differ a lot from each other, while still giving you points to identify with.

Give the Girls a chance!

From my experience, there’s a lot of lesbian Romance that wouldn’t particularly appeal to a mostly-hetero Romance reader because the story focuses on coming to terms with one’s sexuality and coming out.

But there’s also a lot of lesbian Romance that I’m sure a big group of readers would love if they’d give it a chance. Because they’re fantastically written, univeral love stories that give you all the feels.


If you’re ready now, I highly recommend these two audiobooks to get you started with lesbian Romance.

Firstly, Bridget Essex. She has literally THE sexiest covers. She writes paranormal Romance with awesome titles like “Alpha” or “The Bodyguard”. The Wolf Diaries is in the Audible Romance Package. The ebook is in Kindle Unlimited and has a cheap Whispersync deal.


The Wolf Diaries
written by Bridget Essex, narrated by TJ Richards
Add it to your library**

And secondly, Rook takes Queen, one of my very favorite Romance novels. You can check out my full review. This is a wonderful audiobook and definitely worth a credit.


Rook Takes Queen
written by Em Stevens, narrated by Ainslie Caswell
Add it to your library**

The topic of lesbian Romance seems to come up regularly. In my Facebook reader groups, in the Read Me Romance podcast. I hope that maybe I could convince some of you who were already curious to give it a try now. And hey, maybe one day lesbian Romance will get a bit of a surge, like lesbian porn. I want to read more awesome love stories between women!

Romance Readers, why you probably aren't reading Lesbian Romance yet, but should totally give it a try!
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6 thoughts on “Romance readers, you don’t read this subgenre, but you should!”

  1. Oh boy have you made me giggle with the use of words and the D ? the fact i’m half tired probably doesn’t help.. ahaha

    But you got some points there! i can see it.. ive read one lesbian teen romance as a french netgalley arc and although it sure was a bit different, I did loved it!

    1. Haha, well, I recently said I wouldn’t keep throwing around the word manwhore anymore. And then I go ahead and write a discussion post on the importance of dicks in Romance πŸ˜€

  2. This was great, and I totally agree! Though I do think that straight women shouldn’t be put off by lesbian romance that deals with coming out and coming to terms with a non-hetero sexuality – it’s so great to read about characters who you can’t relate to as well as ones you can. Anyway, I think this was a needed post, and it also made me giggle, which is great!!

    1. Haha, thank you! Yeah, I agree about the coming out. But I think it’s important for straight women to know that there is also lesbian Romance that really works exactly like the M/F and M/M they’re used to, with all the escapism and happy feelings πŸ™‚

  3. I don’t read a ton of romance novels, but this is still interesting! I think you raise a lot of good points about why people might not be reading these types of stories, particularly the sense that maybe a lot of people are reading for the male character because that’s what “different” about the romance vs. the woman. But if there are two women, surely they would be different, developed characters!

    1. I think there are a lot of assumptions that are probably, for a big part, influenced by how women are perceived in our society. I’d just like for romance readers to give this a try before ruling it out πŸ™‚
      Love is love and all that πŸ˜‰

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