Seven Years (Seven 1)

by Dannika Dark

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Seven Years by Dannika Dark

After listening to a lot of romcom lately I really felt like something dark. “Seven Years” has been the top recommendation on my Audible for a long time now, so here we are!

This book has a lot going for it. It’s a dark, relatively fast paced shifter romance. Lexi believes she is a human, but her world is turned upside-down (or furside-out) when Mr. Alpha Male Austin steps back into her life and she finds out about all the serious paranormal things going on around her. Lexi’s introduction into her new reality is done really well. It felt believable and her thoughts about it mostly made sense.

That being said, this book was not for me and I will not read or listen to more Dannika Dark books. Let me list some of the things that diminished my enjoyment of the story:

Female shifters during their fertile period are generally referred to as “bitches in heat”. While our heroine Lexi protests a little, the term sticks and is used often.

We learn in Austin’s PoV that female shifters are taught early on how to behave towards males in the pack. There are no further details on how exactly, just that Lexi didn’t learn it yet.

Lexi and another woman are talking about her nail polish color. Austin rolls his eyes and mutters “oooh, women”.

Austin eats ribs, but he eats them the way men do, not daintily spreading his fingers, but just digging in. Cause, you know, that’s how men do it. Not some people. Men.

He brought an overnight bag for her. He only packed black bras. He didn’t want to sleep with her at that point so I guess he’s just an idiot who doesn’t know that women need the same items of clothing as men. Like underpants and socks.

When single females are in heat (you know… bitches in heat), they can go to their alpha “for relief”. Meaning he finger-bangs them. Because…

…. lastly, shifter sperm is not held back by condoms. Because it is too mighty. So shifters do not use condoms and condoms do not protect female shifters from pregnancy.

Maybe this and all the other similar bits that I didn’t list here are really okay for mostly everyone and I’m just overly sensitive. But it ruined my fun more and more while I listened. Absolutely everyone gets stereotyped in this story. Gender stereotyping, racial stereotyping, age stereotyping (the older mother loves home redecorating, and the little girl… ah well….). What I expected was a fairly cliché story that was simply good at it. And initially, that was what I got. But the stereotyping just got worse and worse and worse and it was mostly directed at the female characters. We also have an outright sexist character, Lorenzo (women should not run a business). He’s the hero of book 4 in the Seven series. Just saying.

I liked the narration by Nicole Poole. She did some great voice acting, in particular her Austin voice was awesome. At times she sounds a bit more solemn than what the content might actually be calling for. But her voice fits the atmosphere.

So yeah… At least now you know what you can expect.



0 out of 5 stars
Lexi has never received oral sex and won’t let Austin go down on her. There’s some hard sex at the end if you’re still in the mood for it >>



Audiobook > Book
Nicole Poole is a good narrator.


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