RecomMondaytion: Strays (M/M Urban Fantasy)

A little while ago, I saw Kristen’s review of the M/M Urban Fantasy novel Strays by A.J. Thomas.

The thing is, someone mentions demons and I start looking for the buy button. I can’t say why they have become my favorite supernatural creatures. But I simply find them the most fascinating. So far, I’ve never been disappointed by a demon book πŸ˜„ Long story short, I bought the audiobook right away.

Cause demon Romance!

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written by A.J. Thomas, narrated by Noel Harrison

The Story

Hellhound bounty hunter Malpheus (as in, he’s a hellhound and also a bounty hunter) is tasked to find Jory, the escaped assistant of a faith healer. Jory is an incubus but also able to heal people.

When he finds Jory, he is quite intrigued by the young man who is so very different from everything he had expected of an incubus and faith healer.

I found both Jory and Mal very likable and interesting characters. The storyline was captivating with a fascinating world building.

The Writing

The story has a beautiful flow with the romance being woven into the bigger plotline of Jory’s escape, his abilities, and the reason why people are after him.

Something several reviews mentioned was confusion in the later part of the story. I was waiting for things to become convoluted, but it didn’t actually happen for me. Maybe because I read a lot of demon stories. The names were familiar and the concepts had a lot of parallels, for example with the Imp series, because they were based on common myths.

So, if you’re into demonic Romance or an avid Urban Fantasy reader, don’t worry, I doubt you’d be confused.

The Narration

Strays is narrated by Noel Harrison. I haven’t listened to him before but I’ll remember the name. The production was fantastic and Noel Harrison has a wonderful voice and perfect timing for intonations. He was very pleasant to listen to and it was easy to keep all characters apart.


This gets all my recommendations! If you enjoy love story Urban Fantasy or demonic Romance, I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic time with Strays by A.J. Thomas.

Strays has a Whispersync deal so you can buy the audiobook for a reduced price.

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15 thoughts on “RecomMondaytion: Strays (M/M Urban Fantasy)

  1. I don’t read enough Urban Fantasy – which is funny as I’m a huge fantasy fan in general. I like the sound of a fantasy story with a M/M romance plot in the forefront of the story.

    1. I called it UF because… I guess demons in our world are just always automatically UF for me. But people on GoodReads mainly put it in Paranormal Romance or Paranormal Fantasy (which… I didn’t even know was a thing!)
      It’s a great story πŸ™‚

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