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Supernatural Academy by Jaymin Eve

Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance Review

The audiobook for Jaymin Eve’s new series Supernatural Academy just came out. Do you enjoy Fantasy, Romance, and New Adult? If so, I’m sure you’ll have as great a time with this book as I did.

Supernatural Academy is set in the same universe as the Supernatural Prison series**.

Before I go on, I’d like to point out this beautiful cover. And isn’t that pink hair absolutely awesome?


Supernatural Academy Year One

written by Jaymin Eve, narrated by Vanessa Moyen

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Supernatural Academy’s Heroine

Jaymin Eve is an author who is very conscious of common questionable tropes. That’s something I really appreciated about this book and all of Jaymin Eve’s books I’ve read so far.

Maddison is a strong, self-assured person, just like Jessa from Supernatural Prison and Willa from Curse of the Gods. But she’s also in touch with her weaknesses and struggles.

And she has amazing female friends. She isn’t the only great female character in the story.

In one scene, her love interest takes her to his home and says she’s the only girl he has ever brought there because she is special. She interrupts him and says that it isn’t cool to isolate her from other women like that. Did I cheer at this point? Yes, yes, I did! This was really great!

Academy Romance

Like Supernatural Prison, this series has a Reverse Harem vibe (the Atlantian Five are all over Maddison). But she has one true mate and the other guys are only friends.

I enjoyed the academy feeling very much. The place was beautifully described and truly magical. I haven’t read many books with this theme yet, but I can see the appeal. I wonder how much the story will move outside the supernatural academy in the coming books.

In book 1, parts of the plot happen outside the academy. To me, it was a nice balance of settings.

Narration By Vanessa Moyen

The main reason why I picked this book up was that I loved the Curse of the Gods audiobooks. And I expected good things from a Jaymin Eve story, narrated by Vanessa Moyen. I’m thrilled the two are working together again on this.

Vanessa Moyen has a beautiful, youthful, unique voice with a great range of other female and male voices. I loved her voice for Maddison. She portrayed Maddison’s quirkiness perfectly, while also giving back her feelings.

I recommend Supernatural Academy!

I can wholeheartedly recommend this audiobook. It’s a great story with wonderful world building and a really likable heroine. On top of that, the narration is perfect!

Pick up the Supernatural Academy audiobook on Amazon**

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