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audiobook recommendations and book review linky May 2021

Audiobook Recommendations May 2021

My listening in the last month was unusually structured which means I have a big number of absolutely amazing audiobook recommendations for you for May 2021! I’m so excited to share these. This month, it’s pretty much exclusively Romance audiobook recommendations, but I have everything from Historical to Fantasy, and fitting every mood from somber …

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16 Swoonworthy Online and Hidden Identity Romance Books on Audible

16 Online Love and Hidden Identity Romance Books on Audible

I absolutely love online love and hidden identity Romance books! When the characters meet online or because of a text to a wrong number, a friendship forms that turns into more… and then the scary moment when they wonder whether it could be something real and if they would feel the same when meeting face …

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Walk your dog with these Romance Audiobooks - image of a woman wearing headphones and holding a small brown dog

10 Perfect Romance Audiobooks for Walking your Dog!

One of my favorite things to do is listening to great audiobooks while walking my dog. And it’s even more fun when it’s a Romance book with animals and fellow pet owners! Here is my book list with 10 of my favorite Romance audiobooks that have dogs at the center of the story. These books …

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British Romance Audiobooks (backghround image shows an open book and reading glasses on brown and white blankets)

Must-Listen British Romance Audiobooks

Sometimes, you turn around and notice… that many of your favorite audiobooks are British Romance novels, written by British Romance authors, narrated with a British accent, and are simply… all around Bri-ish! The following three books are among my absolute favorites, and I have listened to most of their authors’ backlists. While these British Romance …

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