A Romantic Christmas with Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited: The best free Christmas audiobooks

The best Romance audiobooks for the season, part 2!

Welcome back to the best Christmas audiobooks to binge on. You’ve pürobably already seen my favourite Christmas audiobooks in the Audible Romance Package. If you missed it, click here. Today we’re looking at the best ones in Kindle Unlimited** “Read and Listen for Free”.

You might know that with Kindle Unlimited you can read 1.4m ebooks for a flat monthly fee (you probably can’t really, because… 1.4 MILLION, but… you know… theoretically). What you might not know is that there are also over 2000 free audiobooks included in the deal. Additionally, there are thousands of audiobooks that you can pick up for as little as $1.99 if you borrow the ebook. The audiobook is then yours to keep! Kindle Unlimited is a great way to find new authors, but many well-known and popular authors have books in the program, too. [... read more]

Christmas with the Audible Romance Package

The best Romance audiobooks for the season!

December is around the corner and it’s time to look for some festive listens to get us in the mood for Christmas. This time of year hasn’t always been my favourite due to family reasons. It’s not easy to get into the cozy holiday spirit when it comes with a lot of negative stress. But now that I have my own little family and a bunch of very fun holiday plans I have set my mind to embracing Christmas!

Today’s post will introduce you to the best Christmas audiobooks in the Audible Romance Package**. Find the best Christmas audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited’s “Read and Listen for Free” here: Free Romantic Christmas Audiobooks in KU [... read more]