My 5 Favorite Lesbian Romance Audiobooks

My 5 Favorite Lesbian Romance Audiobooks

Since it’s Pride Month and Audiobook Month, I’d like to put a spotlight on my very favorite lesbian Romance Audiobooks.

Lesbian love stories are a bit of a third wheel in the world of Romance. Straight and M/M is ridiculously popular. But WlW (Women loving Women) is comparatively small. [... read more]

New Audiobooks, new Deals and new News #37

New Audiobook deals week 25, 2019

Week 25, 2019

Other than new releases, I rarely have any big news to share from the world of audiobooks.

This week, however, Audible Escape has landed! You’ve probably seen it mentioned here and there. But now the Romance Package has really disappeared from [... read more]

The Romance Package is now Audible Escape

The Romance Package is now Audible Escape: Unlimited Audiobooks Subscription

What you need to know as a new or old subscriber

Audible gave their audiobook subscription a new name, a new look, and some fun new features. The Audible Romance Package becomes Audible Escape!

First, the really good news, the name change comes with a cheaper monthly price. The Romance Package used to be $14.95 a month. Now, it’s only $12.95. And the first month is free**. [... read more]

Short Audiobooks for Free: My Favorites from Audible escape

Free Short Audiobooks in Audible escape

Below I’ll share with you some of the best Romance novellas in Audible escape. Less than 3 hours long, but full of emotions, these free short audiobooks are great for reading slumps or driving.

In the days before my unlimited audiobook subscriptions, I was quite focused on audiobook length. [... read more]

The 15 Best new and free Audiobooks in Audible escape

The Audible Romance Package is now Audible escape!

There aren’t a lot of news yet what Audible is planning with the rename of the Romance Package to Audible escape. But the good news is, they’ve also lowered the price!

The monthly cost was lowered from $14.95 to $12.95. It would seem that the reduced price of $6.95 for Kindle Unlimited subscribers or Audible members stays the same. [... read more]