RecomMondaytion: A Nordic King by Karina Halle

New audiobook release: A Nordic King by Karina Halle

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A Nordic King

I really enjoyed my first book by Karina Halle, Smut. Actually, I absolutely loved it and thought it was very clever and super sexy! [... read more]


Smut by Karina Halle

by Karina Halle

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Amanda is a very driven aspiring writer but few things can distract her from her goals as much as fellow student Blake. His arrogant and man-whorish ways drive her crazy. On top of that, he does not even seem to care about their creative writing course that means so much to her. Amanda deeply respects and admires her teacher but then she gets paired up with Blake of all people for the important final project…

When Amanda and Blake find out that they are a more than capable team they make a plan to earn real money with their writing. After learning all about self-publishing they take the world of Erotica by storm!

I originally read the e-book when it came out and immediately bought the audiobook when it was released because I had a wonderful time reading this story. It’s witty and amusing, making some fun of the romance genre (or rather, the romance story template) while being smack in the middle of it itself. Plus, it’s really super hot. Amanda is a bit of a stick-in-the-butt type of girl and Lidia Dornet portrays her in an  adorable way with a cute and – when we finally get there – sexy voice. I greatly enjoyed listening to her because she is really good at the whole voice acting thing. Her male voices are very good, too, although she tends to make Blake sound like a teenage girl, hah!

The male narrator, Shaun Grindell, has a very pleasant voice that fits the character and he has a nice accent. At times he falls into a somewhat repetitive melody. But he knows how to do the steamy scenes with his very warm voice, so…. tis all good 😀 Blake is not your usual alpha male man slut type but a more realistic complex character (although he is a man slut), so that’s definitely a big plus for the story right there.

Oh yeah, you should probably be aware that after listening to this story you will very much want to write your own romance novel. And you should be aware that this is indeed SMUT, the title delivers 😉
Things get… sexual.
A little warning: not everyone approves of the prologue because it involves public projectile vomiting. So there, now you know and are prepared! 😉



4 out of 5
It’s really hot to listen to!



Audiobook > Book
You will be well entertained with either though!


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