6 Romance Audiobooks to listen to while you’re Walking your Dog

The perfect Romance Audiobooks to listen to while walking your dog!

… because love stories with animals are even cuddlier!

There are so many times when audiobooks are awesome. One of them is a nice long walk with your favorite dog-shaped buddy.

Check out my recommendations for audiobooks I loved that feature dogs as a central part of their story. [... read more]

RecomMondaytion: A Nordic King by Karina Halle

New audiobook release: A Nordic King by Karina Halle

My weekly New Release Recommendation

Welcome back to the RecomMondaytion!

A Nordic King

I really enjoyed my first book by Karina Halle, Smut. Actually, I absolutely loved it and thought it was very clever and super sexy! [... read more]


written by Karina Halle
narrated by Lidia Dornet and Shaun Grindell


Amanda is a very driven aspiring writer but few things can distract her from her goals as much as fellow student Blake. His arrogant and man-whorish ways drive her crazy. On top of that, he does not even seem to care about their creative writing course that means so much to her. Amanda deeply respects and admires her teacher. But then she gets paired up with Blake of all people for the important final project…

When Amanda and Blake find out that they are a more than capable team they make a plan to earn real money with their writing. After learning all about self-publishing they take the world of Erotica by storm! [... read more]